ACT Announces Commercial Feed-In Tariff

The ACT government has announced the first large scale feed in tariff in Australia. The scheme puts ACT in the premier position for investment in medium and large scale solar generation. This commercial feed in tariff has an overall goal of 240 MW of generating capacity which is staggered over three levels:

1. Large scale generation category for generators larger than 200 KW (category cap of 210 MW)

2. Medium scale generation category for generators between 30KW and 200kw (category cap of 15 MW)

3.Existing micro generation category (household rooftop) up to 30KW (category cap of 15 MW)

The pricing rate of the large scale generation scheme will be put to auction to allow market forces to provide the most economical value for the implementation of this scheme.

This long awaited announcement  (ACT media release) once again sees the ACT leading the states and territories in adopting the highly successful and beneficial solar feed in tariffs.

Written by Iain McGregor

Commercial Tenders Manager

Solar Choice

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