Are solar panels worth the investment in South Australia?

Are solar panels worth it in South Australia? Thousands of homes and businesses in the state have made an investment in a solar system to date, with installations skyrocketing in just the past few years. A few different factors influence the attractiveness of solar panels as an investment. This article is an overview of what they are.

Why have solar panels become so popular in SA?

SA is not the only place in Australia where solar is booming–Australia just passed the 1 million solar homes milestone a short time ago. The state nevertheless stands out as a solar leader. 30% of all suitable roofs in the state now have solar panels on them–a higher penetration rate than other state in the country.

Federal rebates & South Australia’s solar feed-in tariff

Much of the success of solar in the state can be attributed to incentives for solar power from the federal government and the SA state government. The federal government, through its Renewable Energy Target scheme, offers what is effectively a discount off the up-front cost of installing a system. The exact amount varies depending on system size and the market for renewable energy certificates (RECs), but RECs can typically shave around $1800 the total cost of a 3 kilowatt (kW) solar system. (You can see current prices by checking Solar Choice’s most recent Solar PV Price Index.)

The main support that the South Australian government offers for those who install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is its feed-in tariff. Feed-in tariffs pay solar homes and businesses to generate solar power. SA’s solar feed-in tariff remains one of the most generous in the country, although the current rate will soon be closed to new entrants–so those who are interested in taking advantage need to act fast.

The falling cost of solar panels in Australia

Solar panels prices have fallen dramatically within the past 4 or 5 years, thanks to in part to global and domestic competition amongst product manufacturers as well as solar system installers. This trend is not expected to last forever, however–prices are tipped to begin rising again in 2013.

The cost of electricity

Electricity prices have skyrocketed across Australia in recent years. South Australia has been no exception to this, and homes and businesses are feeling the pressure. Solar PV systems have proved themselves to be a popular means of easing this pressure–the more power solar system owners generate themselves, the less needs to be purchased from the electricity grid.

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