Australians climate change fears

A record number of Australians are linking climate change to the increased rate and severity of natural disasters, including extended droughts, a new report has found.

The Australia Institute’s Climate of the Nation 2019 report shows 77 per cent of Australians agree that climate change is occurring, which marks the equal highest number recorded since the annual survey began in 2007.

Another 80 per cent of those polled said they believed Australia was already experiencing the impacts of climate change, with nearly half of those surveyed (48%) saying it was causing more extreme heat.

Concern about those impacts also increased has across the board, with 81 per cent naming their biggest climate-related worry as drought and flooding that, and the impact these would have on food and water supply.

“The results from Climate of the Nation make it clear that Australians are increasingly concerned about climate change impacts happening right now and the lack of preparation or support to address them,” said TAI’s climate and energy director, Richie Merzian.

“Australians are well aware of what is required, and see addressing climate change as a multi-partisan issue that ought to be above politics.”


  1. Belief in climate change is the result I think of the hysteria promulgated by the greenie fringe. I see no hard technical or scientific FACTS that confirm the present dry is anything but a cycle that has happened before in Australia. AS for what we can do about climate change, well Australia could sink below the waves tomorrow and the rest of the world would not notice and the world’s climate would be unaffected! No reason not to implement reduced emissions practices BUT again I have not seen ANY concrete technical solution that will work from an engineering viewpoint. NO ONE has asked the hard engineering questions about HOW renewables will solve the problem nor whether they can be made to work. For example how will renewables power Sydney? What are the costs of transmission lines from huge solar arrays in the Simpson desert? How are transmission line losses accommodated? What happens when the sun goes down? It does you know!! Hard questions with no viable answers, when will the proponents of renewable energy answer the technical questions and forgo rhetoric and pseudo-scientific waffle?

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