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Looking for solar power in Belconnen, Canberra? Thanks to the rapidly dropping cost of installing solar power and federal and local incentives, Belconnen is a great place to go solar. This article provides an overview of the benefits and options available to those thinking about installing solar panels in Belconnen.

Solar power in Belconnen: Why go solar?

Securing the best deal on a solar power system anywhere in Australia–including Belconnen–means first understanding how solar systems benefit their owners. Because solar panels only produce electricity when the sun is shining, its important to keep in mind how much power a system will produce throughout the day.

The average ACT rooftop receives an annual average of about 3.8 hours of ‘peak sun’ per day. This number varies seasonally (days are longer in summer and shorter in winter). Approximate daily power production numbers for different size systems based on 3.8 sun hours are detailed below.

1.5kW – 5.7kWh

2kW – 7.6kWh

3kW – 11.4kWh

5kW – 19kWh

What size solar PV system is best for Belconnen?

The right system size for a Belconnen resident is the one that produces just enough electricity to meet daytime electricity needs. This will depend on the household or business in question. Solar systems in the ACT are best-suited for those who use a significant portion of their power during daylight hours.

Incentives for solar power from the federal government

Generous up-front incentives are available from the federal government to those who install a solar power system. Put simply, this discount takes the form of ‘small-scale technology certificates’ (STCs), which utility companies and other ‘liable entities’ (big polluters) are required to either generate themselves or acquire under Australia’s Renewable Energy Target scheme. STCs are a type of ‘renewable energy currency’ which reduce the cost of installing a solar system. STCs have a market value, which fluctuates with supply and demand, but generally speaking they can reduce system prices anywhere from 55c to 77c per watt off the cost of installing a solar PV system.

Solar Buybacks through ActewAGL

ActewAGL has recently introduced a ‘net metering’ scheme for ACT solar customers. Customers who own a solar system will now be paid 7.5c for every kWh that they ‘export’ to the electricity grid–i.e. that they do not consume on-site themselves. Since the retail electricity rate in the ACT is significantly higher than this, it makes more sense for homes and businesses to avoid purchasing pricier electricity from the grid by using as much of their self-generated solar power as possible to obtain the most benefit.

Looking for solar panel deals in Belconnen?

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