Greens team up with Opposition for Solar Hot Water

In a development that epitomises the unpredictability of Australian renewable energy policy, the Greens may team up with the Federal Opposition to reinstate the recently axed Solar Hot Water rebate scheme.

The scheme was originally slated to continue until June of 2012, until the Federal Government’s abrupt announcement that it would be cut short. Opposition leader Tony Abbot said that with support from the Greens, who currently support the Labour Government, the rebate scheme may be reinstated and allowed to run the rest of its course. Extending the scheme beyond its original lifetime will not be part proposed private member’s bill; Abbot was quoted as saying that the move will “ensure that the money the government has allocated is spent on this scheme, and that the scheme continues at least until the previously announced termination date.”

Source: Econews

James Martin II

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James Martin II