Senate should be asked to pass Solar Credits as separate legislation

Solar Credit discount legislation – which forms part of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) bill – is back before the Senate this week, together with the Emmissions Trading Scheme. The RET was deferred in June by the Coalition and Senator Nick Minchin to allow further time for consideration.

Frustratingly, the delay has left the Australian solar energy industry exposed to pricing uncertainty. Solar Choice maintains that the Solar Credits legislation should’ve been carved out from the RET, and presented to the Senate as a separate and distinct statute. Indications have been that the Coalition would’ve let it sail through unopposed, and a smooth transition from the $8K rebate scheme would’ve been achieved. Instead, Solar Credits has been treated as a political football, used by the Government to claim the renewable energy moral high ground, and accuse the Oppostion of leaving the solar energy industry, and thousands of jobs, exposed.

This week however, pressure is mounting on Climate Change Minister Wong and the Rudd Government to rescue the situation by splitting the Government’s popular RET from its controversial Emissions Trading Scheme, which faces defeat on Thursday.

”The renewable energy industry ought not to be held up any longer,” said the Greens senator Christine Milne, who will have talks with the Opposition this week on how to save the renewable energy plan.

Angus Gemmell
Solar Choice Pty Ltd

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