Queensland Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff scheme: How to proceed to secure the 44c rate



If you want to ensure your access to the Queensland government’s generous 44c/kWh Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff before the 9 July 2012 deadline, it is vital that you allow significant time for your selected installer to prepare the necessary paperwork, particularly given the current rush, so we advise that you generate your installation contract without delay by following the three easy steps below.

Your installer will need time to lodge your grid connection form (either to Energex or Ergon depending on your region) prior to midnight 9 July 2012.

Download: Ergon Energy “Application for Network Connection of an Inverter Energy System” (pdf)

Download: Energex “Application to Network Connect an Inverter Energy System (including solar PV)” (pdf)

Solar Choice’s Queensland office will stay with you to ensure you’re looked after at every stage up to and even after installation.

There are some remarkable new offers in our Qld network. Simply generate a fresh Quote Comparison from our then do the following:

1.       Read the Terms and Conditions of the installer offering that best suits your needs and budget by clicking “View Final Quote” from the online version of the Quote Comparison;

2.       Once you’re ready to proceed, simply click “Accept Quote” and nominate how you wish to pay your deposit. Many installers have set very low deposits of as little as $100 to help you proceed with minimal exposure following the government’s 25 June  2012 announcement;

3.       You will then be immediately emailed a pdf of your Accepted Quote, as well as account details of your selected installer if paying the deposit by Electronic Funds Transfer. Your selected installer and Solar Choice will also immediately receive this Accepted Quote.

Your selected installer will promptly contact you to start preparing your grid connection application, which must be lodged by midnight 9 July.

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  1. Thanks for the the PDF links… these might come pretty handy about the grid connection forms. The offers seems pretty good along with the simple process for application. I really hope that all these can transpire fast and effectively. Thanks for sharing this insightful post!

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