Shock news: NSW Solar Bonus Scheme closes to applications midnight tonight

Shock News – but THERE’S STILL TIME

In a shock announcement an hour ago the NSW Govt has stated that the popular solar bonus scheme will be closed to all customers who haven’t paid a  deposit for their systems by midnight tonight.

We ask all our NSW customers who haven’t yet selected their installer and paid a deposit to act immediately, and before midnight tonight, if they wish to secure their entitlement to the generous 60c gross tariff.  Otherwise, if your deposit is paid after midnight tonight, the scheme will reduced to a mere 20c tariff. To assist you, nearly all installers in 0ur NSW network have reduced their deposit to a risk free $100.

The Govt press release is as follows:

Installers are working up to midnight tonight to process your orders.  The Govt press release expressly states that the deposit must be non-refundable.

How to secure the 60c tariff? You still have time to proceed with our fast online system.

1. Go to your Solar Choice Quote Comparison, or automatically generate a fresh Quote Comparison (which will be emailed to you within a minute) by completing the form on our homepage.

2. Select your installer and click “Pay Deposit” for your preferred option.

3. Follow the simple instructions to accept the terms and nominate “Electronic Funds Transfer” for deposit payment. Do not select credit card or cheque, as your order may take too long to process. Click proceed to generate a pdf of the Accepted Quote which will then be promptly emailed to you, your installer and Solar Choice.

4. You will then automatically be given an email with the Account name, BSB and Account number for the installer you’ve selected.


6. You and your selected installer then have 21 days from midnight tonight to lodge your application to be connected with a gross meter.

Continue to follow our blog today for further updates.

The Solar Choice Team