Sonnenbatterie energy storage systems

Sonnenbatterie is a German manufacturer of energy storage devices with a focus on electricity self-sufficiency. The company, whose name means ‘solar battery’ in German, offers products that not only store energy, but also allow a high degree of flexibility and feedback as to how electricity from all sources–batteries, solar panels, the grid, wind power, or others–is and should be utilised throughout the day.

On top of these capabilities and functions–and setting them apart from many other energy management devices in in the field–Sonnenbatterie units are able to incorporate weather forecasts in order to predict likely system energy yield against likely consumption, ensuring that energy is used in a way that optimises savings.

Sonnenbatterie product range

Sonnenbatterie comfort unit 1x cabinetSonnenbatterie comfort series: Intuitive energy storage for home & business

Products in Sonnenbatterie’s comfort series feature intuitive, interactive interfaces, come in a variety of sizes (to meet the needs of a range of customers), and are simple to install–whether wall-mounted or free-standing. All of the below units in the series replace conventional inverters, but also include LiFePO4 batteries and the high-end software that enables them to function.

Battery Capacity Usable capacity(70% depth of discharge) Weight Dimensions W/H/D(cm) Number of cabinets Continuous output 
Basic 4.5kWh 3.2kWh 165kg  65/130/50  1  2.5kW
S 8kWh 5.7kWh 215kg 1 3kW
M 10kWh 7.1kWh 255kg 1 3.5kW
L 20kWh 14.3kWh 435kg 2 5kW
XM 10kWh 7.1kWh 400kg 2 3x 2.5kW
XL 20kWh 14.3kWh 540kg 2 3x 3.5kW
XXL 40kWh 29kWh 785kg 3 3x 5kW
3XL 60kWh 43.3kWh 1070kg 4 3x 5kW

Download a brochure: Sonnenbatterie comfort series (PDF)

Sonnenbatterie eco series: The next generation of storage systems

Sonnenbatterie eco series unitProducts in Sonnenbatterie’s more cost-competitive eco line include all of the functionality and benefits of those in the comfort line, with the added bonus of being even more aesthetically appealing, more lightweight and with a deeper depth of discharge (DoD)–at 80% as opposed to 70%. Eco series products cost around 50% of those in the comfort series.

Battery Capacity Usable capacity(80% depth of discharge) Weight Dimensions W/H/D(cm) Continuous output
eco 4.5 4.5kWh 3.5kWh 140kg 56/90/35 2.5kW
eco 9.0 9kWh 7kWh 200kg 56/130/35 3kW
eco 13.5 13.5kWh 10.5kWh 260kg 56/170/35 3.5kW
Expansion units 4.5kWh 3.5kWh 60kg 56/40/35 Depends on total capacity


Download a brochure: Sonnenbatterie eco series (PDF)

Sonnenbatterie: Points of difference

One of the world’s first fully integrated lithium (LiFePO4) storage systems, introduced in 2011 after pilot projects in 2010, Sonnenbatterie’s products are now in their 4th generation

Making it easy for homes to reach 80% energy self-sufficiency by intelligently switching between solar panels, mains electricity, batteries and other types of generators, leading to energy bill savings of up to 75%

Sonnenbatterie functionalityIntuitive operation with smartphone app & web interface, making it easy to monitor system performance and prioritise energy sources for optimum savings

Easy integration with more than just solar PV. Other power sources that can be plugged in include wind power, combined heat and power (CHP) generators, and of course, mains electricity

Take control of your electricity usage: Detailed data from the Sonnenbatterie app and web portal means that users will know what behaviour to change in order to get the most out of their system

Integrated weather forecasting makes it easy to plan or program ahead depending on which sources are most readily available or least expensive

Remote appliance control: Active energy manager means that household white goods can be switched on automatically when solar power is available (whether you’re home or not) to make sure none of the electricity goes to waste

Fast, simple installation and can be retrofitted into existing solar PV installations

Company info

Headquarters and manufacturing plants:

The battery systems “Made in Germany” are exclusively manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Wildpoldsried, Southern Bavaria/Germany.

Contact information:

Tel: + 49(0) 8304 92933 ex. 400
Fax: + 49(0) 8304 92933 ex. 401

Other locations: 

Sonnenbatterie also has a presence in the US. (For more info visit

History in the industry: 

Since the beginning, with first product developments starting in 2008 and the foundation of the company in 2010, Sonnenbatterie has consistently invested in research and development. The first Sonnenbatterie product was introduced to the German and Austrian markets in January 2011. In June 2014 Sonnenbatterie introduced its 4th product generation at Intersolar Trade Fair in Europe and entered the North American market by opening the first Sonnenbatterie-Centers.

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  1. Hi, I have 38 solar panels on my roof, presently feeding back into the grid, and supported by the NSW State subsidy, which will run out in
    December, 2016. I would be interested to hear about your battery storage system, as I will have to change to another system in January 2017. Will you send me a brochure or details, and where to obtain this system by the end of this year, costs, etc. and what your system is capable of doing for my solar output. Many thanks, Loren Noble.

  2. Just been informed [installer name removed] will launch Sonnen battery storage next week, prices to come.

      1. Hi Adam,

        Yes, their batteries have been available here in Aus for a few years now (in small quantities). They’ve even mulled setting up a production factory here.

        You can request a Quote Comparison from us by filling out the form to the right of this page to see if any of the installers in our network who operate in your area offer Sonnen’s products. Click ‘battery storage only’ if you’re looking for a retrofit battery system; otherwise, select ‘solar energy’, which will allow you to compare solar and storage offerings.

  3. Hi

    Have Sonnenbatterie gotten any further in introducing their product to the Australian market?

    1. Hi Shane,

      They’ve re-branded themselves as Sonnen and will apparently be introducing their products here, probably within the year.

    1. Hi Ben,

      We understand that Sonnenbatterie are now looking to enter the Australian market, but their products are not available here yet.

  4. hello, i am wondering if these systems are available in australia yet or if you have any time frame for this to happen

    thank you, fiona

    1. Hi Fiona,

      As far as we are aware, Sonnenbatterie was investigating entry into the Australian market but its products are not yet offered here.

  5. Hi,
    Do you sell battery storage systems in Australia? Do you have any pricing available on the Eco13.5 system. I think this system would best suit my needs.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. Sonnenbatterie’s products are not yet available in Australia, but we can let you know when they are.

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