Tesla Powerwall 2 payback times by city & tariff type – July 2017 (Infographic gallery)

tesla-powerwall-2This page is an appendix to our recent article: “Is home solar battery storage worth it in 2019?

Note: This article is from 2017. Please see our updated article for 2019 here.

See updated analysis for 2018

The infographic gallery below provides snapshots of total system cost, payback periods, return on investment and other key performance indicators for a 7kW solar system plus Tesla Powerwall 2 in each Australian capital city.

Two scenarios have been modelled for each city: one for customers on a flat or block retail electricity tariff, and a second for customers on a time of use (TOU) tariff.

Please note that all results are indicative only.

All infographics were created using SunWiz’s PVSell software.

Adelaide, SA

Brisbane, QLD

Canberra, ACT

Darwin, NT

Darwin residents are eligible for a solar feed-in rate equal to their retail electricity rate, which means that batteries will only reduce potential savings when installed alongside a grid-connected solar system. Therefore we have not included results for Darwin in this analysis. If you’d like to estimate payback periods for grid-connected solar systems (without batteries) in Darwin, check out our Solar System Payback Estimator Tool.

Hobart, TAS

Melbourne, VIC

Perth, WA

Sydney, NSW

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