Update on ACT Feed-in-Tariff

Previously Iain McGregor talked about the commercial feed in tariff for the ACT, there were some updates and more details to add to the story.

We acknowledged that The ACT Government’s Electricity Feed-in Renewable Energy Generation scheme is implemented as a gross feed-in system and that the commercial feed in tariff has an overall goal of 240 MW of generating capacity which is staggered over three levels:

1. Large scale generation category for generators larger than 200 KW (category cap of 210 MW)

2. Medium scale generation category for generators between 30KW and 200kw (category cap of 15 MW)

3.Existing micro generation category (household rooftop) up to 30KW (category cap of 15 MW)

Other key points to mention are that:

  • For customers who sign up between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2012 this amount will be 45.7 cents per kWh generated for systems with a capacity up to 30kW.
  • The premium rate will be reviewed by the ACT Government each financial year. When you enter into an agreement with ActewAGL Retail for the Feed-in scheme, you are guaranteed payment of the premium price prevailing at that time, for the full 20 years.
  • The ACT Government’s Electricity Feed-in Renewable Energy Generation scheme legislation states that customers must apply to their electricity retailer to receive the Feed-in Tariff. If for example you connect a solar photovoltaic system to the network and are an ActewAGL Retail customer, you will not automatically be switched to the Feed-in Tariff. You will default to the solar generation tariff until you apply for the scheme.

For additional information on what rates you will be receiving as a business or a household with a solar panel installation it is quite useful to go through ActewAGL’s Standard retail electricity supply “ Schedule of Charges from 1 July 2010.

Written by Prateek Chourdia

MEngSc – Photovoltaics and Solar Energy, UNSW

Solar Energy Analyst

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