What is Environmental Performance Disclosure?

Yet another reason to go solar!

In the second half of this year mandatory disclosure will be introduced for commercial office buildings with a leasable space over 2000 square metres. Environmental Performance Disclosure will then be phased in for all residential premises across all Australian states and territories by May 2011. So………

1.     What is ˜Environmental Performance Disclosure?

2.     How will it affect me and my house?

3.     How can you make the most out of Environmental Performance Disclosure?


1. What is ˜Environmental Performance Disclosure


I    Environmental Performance Disclosure will be the requirement for houses, flats and apartments to provide open information on the energy, water and thermal (efficiency and running costs) of the dwelling.

II     To do this homes will be assessed and a rating (most likely in stars) will be created for every home.

III     This rating will be required for and then be openly labeled in any communications on the selling or leasing of a property.


2. How will it affect you and your home


I     Increasing the water and energy efficiency of your home will increase the (star) rating of your home.

II     Increases the star rating of your home will make it a more desirable purchase and hence increase the value of selling or leasing your property.


3. How can you make the most out of Environmental Performance Disclosure


I     By maximising the environmental (energy and water) performance of your home you can also maximise the value of your home.

II     To maximise the homes performance the easiest retrofits available for your home include installing Solar Energy Panels (Photovoltaics), Solar How Water, Rainwater Tanks, and insulating your home.

So now Solar Energy (from Photovoltaics) will not only be a great benefit, due to generous rebates and Feed in Tariffs and extremely competitive prices, it will also be a very recognisable capital investment in your home which can be easily measured by creating a marked and measurable increase in the environmental(star) rating of your home.

A link to the government website with more details on EPD can be found below:


Iain McGregor

Commercial Tenders Manager

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