Guide to Queensland’s Battery Booster Rebate for Homeowners

QLD Battery Booster rebate for householders

Queensland government has launched a $10 million Solar Battery Booster rebate program for 2,000 households, or until funds run out. With rebates of $3,000 – $4,000 available for eligible households to help buy and install a home battery system.

The QLD Battery Booster rebate is designed to make solar battery systems more accessible. However, not every home will immediately see financial benefits from installing a battery system. It’s wise to research these systems to determine if they align with your energy needs and financial situation. To decide if they’re a good investment for you, check out our Comprehensive Guide on Solar Batteries.

Applications for the Battery Booster program are now open, providing an opportunity to lower your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient. Now with Solar Choice you can start exploring whether home battery storage is the right choice for you.

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Available Rebates

  • Standard Home Battery Storage Rebate: Up to $3,000 for households earning under $180,000 a year.
  • Low-Income Home Battery Storage Rebate: Up to $4,000 for the main earner making $66,667 or less.
  • Eligibility: One rebate per residential address. The program runs until funds run out.

Who Can Apply

Eligibility requires applicants to:

  • Own a residential property in Queensland (includes houses, townhouses, or granny flats).
  • Have a 5kW or larger solar PV system installed or plan to install one with the battery.
  • Select an approved battery system with at least 6kWh capacity from the official list.
  • Use an approved installer listed by the government at the time of application and installation.
  • Household income must be below $180,000.
  • Consent to a safety check by a government inspector post-installation.

Application Steps

Getting Conditional Approval

  • Get a Quote: You can get a quote comparison from 3 vetteed installers. You can then check the approved installer list provided by the government to make sure your installer meets all listed requirements.
  • Apply for Conditional Approval: Use the  Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) portal to submit your application with the required documents.
  • Wait for Approval: QRIDA reviews your application and will notify you.

After Getting Approval

  • Schedule Installation: Must be within 90 days of approval, with a possible 120-day extension.
  • Pay Fully: Make sure your invoice has all required details.
  • Apply for the Rebate: Send QRIDA your full payment proof and other required documents.
  • Safety Inspection: Agree to a government inspection of the installed system.

Safety and Installation

  • Approved Lists: Only use listed installers and batteries. Check the updated lists online.
  • Inspections for Safety: All installations will be checked for safety and standard compliance.

How Solar Choice Simplifies Your Rebate Process

Solar Choice is crucial for households looking into the Battery Booster rebate. As the only online website for comparing solar and battery options in Australia, we make choosing easier for homeowners.

Instant Online Quotes

  • Customised options unique to your household: Get quotes instantly online, customised for your home. Compare solar and battery setups to find the best fit for the rebate’s criteria.

Expert Advice

  • Independent Recommendations: Our experts provide neutral advice on picking the right solar PV and battery system. We guide you through system sizes, battery capacities, and investment implications.
  • Approved Choices: We list over 200+ approved and vetted battery and solar installers. Be sure to check that your choice installer is on the approved installer list provided by the Queensland government.

Tailored Support

  • Compare and Decide: Access our vast database to compare quotes from over 200 vetted installers nationwide. Choose what’s best for you.
  • Aftercare: We support you even after installation, helping you get the most from your solar battery system and the rebate.

Watch Out for Scams

Need Help?

  • Questions? Call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more information.


Choosing solar energy and battery storage is smart for Queensland homes. The Battery Booster rebate, with Solar Choice’s help, makes switching to sustainable, cost-effective energy, easy and affordable. Begin your move to energy independence with our free online comparison services and advice.

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Remember this page is a summary only. Read the official Queensland Government website & application guide (PDF, 772 KB) for full eligibility requirements.

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