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3 Phase Solar don't mess around with rubbish equipment that will, at best, limp over the minimum warranty period. We provide quality equipment and pay attention to installation details to ensure the best long term performance of your system.

This system is the best of the best. Nothing comes close to SunPower in performance or warranty. Designed to truly last the 25 year warranty (not 10 years like most!)

If you're going for the best, why compromise on the inverter. Fronius is the best string inverter on the market hands down.

Every system comes with production monitoring as most modern systems do, but we go a step further and provide daily performance analysis and consumption monitoring so you know exactly what it is doing and how to make the best return on the energy generated.

Our systems all come with:
1. A custom performance guarantee.
2. 10 Year workmanship warranty.
3. Comprehensive monitoring.

We can provide 42 months interest free with $0 deposit at our standard price.

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2nd June 2024
VIC - 3429
10-15kW system

From the word go

Installer Comments

From the word go, it’s been a pleasure dealing with Alan, the service the honest and supporting our local businesses (Sunbury) I highly recommend this company.

Solar Panel - GoodWe


Happy with the system puts out

Solar Inverter - Goodwe


It was recommended