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8th February 2022
WA - 6064
6kW system

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Just a their “mistake” of a switch under dimensioned , $6 cost, but they want just charge for it even with the work cost, right of call.

Solar Panel - SunPower


Solar Inverter - Goodwe


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6th November 2014
WA - 6109
1.5kW system

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Average pre sales service, non existent after sales service. They market themselves as a company run and operated by women, but use sub contractors to do the work, who were all men (not that I have any issue with that, just the dodgy marketing). The installers appeared to do an okay job at first glance, but a couple of years later when I upgraded the system did I find out they hadn't even plugged in all the panels!

20th October 2012
WA - 6170
6kW system

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cant wait to use less power from the greedy power companies