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At Essential Solar we regard each customer as an important part of our business. We pride ourselves on providing advice, support and service where and when it’s needed. Most importantly the installation quality of our Solar PV products is managed by experienced electrical technicians and engineers.

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22nd February 2024
6kW system

The installation went smoothly

Installer Comments

The installation went smoothly, they showed up on time and spent a whole day installing it. They did tidy up afterwards and installation look nice and neat. I purchased extra roof tiles before installation, however the installers did stand on my roof ridge cap and broke quite a few, which caused leakage afterwards and I had to call in the roof specialist to get them fixed.

Solar Panel - Trina


So far I think the panels are running fine but lots of problems with Fronius GEN24 Primo 5.0 inverter.

Solar Inverter - Fronius


I did thorough research online and went with Fronius GEN24 inverter and one of the recommended solar installers Essential Solar. My solar system got install in July 2023. The inverter ran for less than a week then it stopped working totally. I reported to the installer immediately, Essential solar couldn't find the problem; then reported it to Fronius; Fronius Australia couldn't find the problem; then reported to Fronius International. The whole "kicking the ball" process took them 2 whole weeks 14 days! During this period, none of the companies bother send their technician to come to my house to give an actual diagnoses for the problem. After two week, they eventually showed up with an electrician and find a tiny issue that could be solved immediate onsite! 7 months on, here comes my 2nd bad experience - again the Fronius GEN24 inverter stopped working on Tuesday 13th Feb. at 15:31 immediately after the catastrophic weather conditions in Melbourne. I live only 9km from city so we didn't experience power outrage or anything too serious in the whole area. I reported it to Essential Solar on Wednesday morning 14th. The whole "kicking the ball" process starts again! The technical from Essential Solar can not diagnose the issue remotely, it was then passed to Fronius Australia, and now I was told it has been escalated to Fronius International. I am still waiting... no one has come to my house to even have a look, all done remotely! I have been paying my electricity bill since the inverter broke down, and we have experience few hot days and today will be another 38C but I can't use my solar energy! I won't recommend Fronius to anyone as their service is the worst! Don't expect to get problem solved quickly as their technicians are not capable to doing so quickly.

31st January 2024
VIC - 3028
6kW system

From the beginning I received prompt and...

Installer Comments

From the beginning I received prompt and helpful service from office and tech staff at Essential. Technical advice leading to a final system selection proved accurate and appropriate and work commenced quickly even though happening during December/ January when many tradesmen take holidays. The system is installed, commissioned and running and there has been no need for technical support.

Solar Panel - JA Solar


The system is north facing and is producing at or close to its rated output every sunny day and a good amount of power on cloudy days. This is meeting best expectations.

Solar Inverter - Fronius


The Fronius Gen 24 inverter has a fan which comes on and off but is unobtrusive and quiet even though it is close to the door to our living area. I have read comments relating to earlier series inverters and noise but we have not experienced that and you need to be close to hear the fan. The supplied Solar.web app works well and reports on immediate power generation and also daily, monthly and yearly generation. It has worked faultlessly.

14th January 2018
VIC - 3109
6kW system

Installer Comments

Prompt assessment in person rather than just on line. Friendly advice. When initially quoted product not available, upgraded product supplied at no extra cost. Highly professional designer/installer who turned up as per appointment. Prompt follow up to connect to grid