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LECA is a solar and lighting company with offices based in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide.


Level 12, 390, St Kilda Rd Melbourne NSW 3004


1300 695 322


91 165 715 202

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13th December 2023
10kW system

Installer Comments

Avoid LECA at all costs!LECA take your money, eventually do the install and then you are wiped from their existence. Forget after sales service, it does not exist. I have had the unfortunate experience of needing to contact LECA for a few issues after installation and when they do eventually speak to you they lie to you, I have taken time off work to meet the installer and then no shows then lied to about why they didn’t arrive, the common reason is the installer was sick. Must have an awful lot of sick days at LECA, no wonder they never turn up as promised. Oh and they never reply to emails, the only way they engage is when you call them and you get the same response “we are very sorry and promise to call you back when we have spoken to our installation team’ never happens! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!

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