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The 325W split cell combined with the 295W micros offer unparalleled performance. The QCELL DUO has bypass diodes which allow each half to work independently, on top of each panel working independently from the one next to it thanks to Enphase IQ7+ micros. In areas of shading micros can provide roughly 30% more production and without those shading issues you can expect at least 5%-10% more production than a string inverter. Enphase have been in the game a while and represent the only viable company that offers a Micro Inverter. Other companies offer optimisers and such, but Enphase offer a product that has proven itself in Australia's harsh climate.

SolarEdge is another PLO option available, but we normally reserve those systems for customers seriously interested in hybrid with battery systems.

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1-3, 23-49 Parfitt Rd Wangaratta VIC 3677


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23-49 Parfitt Road, Wangaratta VIC - main office Echuca VIC

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391kWh production with 200kWh storage

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24th October 2023
VIC - 3722
10-15kW system

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Interested, helpful, efficient

Solar Panel - Jinko


Seems fine, providing a consistent flow of power.

Solar Inverter - Goodwe


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