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16th May 2023
VIC - 3204
6kW system

Installer Comments

Friendly, efficiency, well priced quality install - great service

Solar Panel - SunPower


works well

Solar Inverter - Sungrow


works well - great mobile app too

26th July 2022
8kW system

Installer Comments

The physical installation seemed to be good. Only one broken roof tile and the final job was neat and finished in one day. However, the configuration was not completed until the company was prompted and that took a few days. After sales questions such as a request for an explanation of a bizarre production graph were first brushed off with a nonsense explanation of cloud bursts on a completely clear day and the graph showing spikes rather than dips and then no response at all.

Solar Panel - Jinko


I was happy to go with these until I read an article from Helena Kennedy Centre for Intenational Justice that showed how Uyghurs were being used as slave labour. Since this was after the install there was nothing to do about it but I pointed it out to Primero so that they could inform future clients. This of course was also brushed off.

Solar Inverter - Goodwe


Goodwe haven't responded to my request for an explanation of the bizarre graph either.