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Are you looking to make the switch to solar power, but don’t know where to turn? Becoming solar smart with your local Solahart means you get to enjoy all the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy with the assurance of reliable performance and quality.

We’ve been serving the Sunshine Coast local community for more than 20 years now and are proud to be your local Solar power systems experts across all areas.


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29th March 2024
QLD - 4507
9kW system

Solarhart were very professional

Installer Comments

Solarhart were very professional starting with the sales process with good documentation and understanding of our needs and wishes. We thought we were limited with what we could select - the recent change in QLD by Energex to allow up to 10kW system on a single phase allowed us to move to a bigger system. The installers were very good in their installation - our old 2kw system of panels had a unique screw fitting that challenged our installers to remove, the new system did go in after a slight delay. We now have 8.6kw panels and a 9.8kw battery with a hybrid inverter supplying good power at 240 V that allow many of our cooking devices to heat up very quickly and even our oven now provides excellent pizzas. The Solarhart panels are very good in low light particularly in our recent 6 days of wet weather. Our pool was previously on T33 power - now runs on Solar (free) power. We have changed our time use of other items eg dishwasher in the house to make use of the increased solar power. With our recent high humidity has allowed our air con can now run off the battery and is no longer a bomb to run. We did have a small issue with connecting the monitoring system to the Goodwe system - contacted their support team and our link was reset remotely and came up to display our usage and savings using the inverter is a GE hybrid inverter. All this happened on the same day. The old system was removed and the work area cleaned - great job. We also had experienced a few blackouts previously - with the new system the inverter acts as a great UPS with seamless change over to battery supply when the street is all black. We can highly recommend Solarhart Sunshine Coast to anybody considering Solar Power. We also have moved from bottled gas and installed a solar hot water system which is another great product.

Solar Panel - Solahart


The Solarhart Panels are very efficient particularly in low light and during our recent rain event we were surprised that we produced any solar power, let alone enough to cover our basic needs.

Solar Inverter - GE


The GE hybrid inverter is quite large and allows 4 strings on a single phase, it does have lots of led lights which allow you to quickly check on status of the unit. It has a battery indicator to display the availability of battery level.It has on board fans to assist in cooling the unit - the unit is installed in our garage and is out of the weather.

Battery - Goodwe


The battery is a modular system with good comms to allow monitoring of level on the APP. It has a control module on the top with an easy to see battery level all in a tidy design.