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8/617 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073


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78 711 036 206

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Since 2009

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8/617 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd Seventeen Mile Rocks. 4073

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Under 10

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29th January 2024
QLD - 4074
6kW system

Promises, promises afterwards from salesman (company owner).

Review left 7 years after system installed

Installer Comments

The sales process was fine, with sharp pricing, assistance with Govt. subsidies, and product explanation. Installation went reasonably smoothly, but a messy installer leaving wire offcuts etc around. We did have ongoing issues with monitoring the system.....subsequently found to be a very sloppy install of a data cable. After-sales service was terrible, with calls for service always promised, but never happening. The system manufacturer, Solax, however, were exceptional in sorting out a wi-fi problem, and swapping a failed battery for us.

Solar Panel - Canadian Solar


Very happy overall with panels and their installation.

Solar Inverter - SolaX


Very happy with price, performance, and reliability of Solax. After-sales manufacturer service also very good.

Battery - SolaX


Very happy with Solax overall. Reliability has been good, with a problem at 3 years old being rectified (replaced with newer technology unit at no cost) promptly.