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Your Green Planet is a proudly Australian owned business dealing in solar energy and other energy saving products that are efficient and easy to use. We provide excellent service in energy efficient technology. We attempt to keep a constant eye at the market, looking for the latest innovations in the field and choose the best among the products. We pride ourselves in providing the high quality and energy efficient solutions for residential and commercial clients across Australia.

Our dedicated team is always ready to cater to all the queries of the potential clients with their excellent service. They offer the best advice and the best solutions to the customers’ needs.

Your Green Planet was founded in 2010 and has achieved meteoric heights in growth since then due to our team’s sheer dedication and quality of work. Our customer base that has grown mostly by referrals of existing customers speaks volumes about our customer service.

Your Green Planet has a strong presence with offices in Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney.


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23rd March 2023
NSW - 2250
10-15kW system

Installer Comments

I am a Chartered Practicing Electrical Engineer, so I did a lot of research on Solar before deciding which installer to go with. I received quotes from at least a dozen installers & spoke to at least 20. By that time I was able to weed out installers that I considered no good. Now, let’s talk about YGP. When Sam from YGP provided me with his recommended configuration, I knew immediately that he was the only installer that knew what he was doing. He knew how to best set up a system for my home to get maximum output & was well priced quoting very good, widely used panels/inverters, so I chose YGP. The process from start to finish was very professional. Vikram (YGP installer) & his team came out & installed my 13.2kW system on a Saturday. You hear stories of installers doing very “quick” installs, but Vikram & his team were there the whole day. My home is a combination of multiple single & double storeys, so it was not a straightforward install. Irrespective, the YGP team did a fantastic installation job. I have been consistently getting 70kW+ output straight off the bat since day 1. I cannot praise Sam of YGP enough. Very professional, very polite, very well spoken & tremendous help. Sam was happy to answer any & all of my questions. Very knowledgeable. Furthermore if I sent him an email on a weekend regarding a query, he would respond immediately. Sam said to me, any issues, I can call him anytime. Now that is what you call fantastic after sales service. I cannot recommend the YGP Team highly enough. Extremely happy with the outcome.

Solar Panel - Jinko


No issues thus far. I looked at many reviews of the typical offered solar panels including the more expensive higher end panels such as Sunpower, LG, etc. In the end I chose the 415W Jinko Tiger Neo panels for my 13.2kW system, because is a very popular choice, widely used, & a very good panel for the price. There are very good but more expensive panels such as the Sunpower but tbh I could not justify the premium cost.

Solar Inverter - Goodwe


Why I chose the. 10kW Goodwe inverter was for similar reasons to why I chose the Jinko panels. I.e. very popular, widely used, well priced & furthermore, the Jinko - Goodwe combination is also a very popular & widely used panel-inverter combo. The key deciding factor for me choosing the Goodwe inverter was my AC Input is only 240VAC single phase, not 3-phase, & though there are also other popular & very decent brand inverters to choose from such as Fronius, Sungrow, etc., Goodwe offered a single phase, 10kW, 3xMPPT inverter. Most other brands only offered the above in 3-phase or only 2xMPPT in a single phase. This would mean I would need 2 x 5kW, 2xMPPT inverters from Sungrow for example, which also limited the panel distribution & layout that would yield the best results for my multiple single & double-storey roof configuration. The Goodwe was therefore a no brainer for my circumstance.

29th November 2022
SA - 5162
10kW system

Installer Comments

We got lots of quotes and picked YGP, not because it was the cheapest, but because of the good reviews and it’s was mid-range cost wise. Kumar was friendly and local. I did ask Installers on the day if they could remove an antenna as the spot where panel was put will have birds will poop on the panel and we don’t use the antenna. They said yes, they could but I later saw they didn’t remove it. Install after signing was quick - sign 10/9, installed 15/9 and mostly working. I made payment in full on 15/9. I didn’t not get any paperwork or manuals until 21/9 We also later discovered issues with the monitoring software. The contract electrician had registered the inverter to themselves as a test, so I could not register it. The issue was not resolved until 19/9 when Kumar called Goodwe and sorted it out. Sadly the consumption monitor that I paid extra for still wasn’t showing. I could not scan the code at the back of the monitor because it is installed into the switch board. The electrician had to come out to take it out so we could scan the code. This wasn’t fixed until 1/10. Process after install and resolving the matter took two weeks. Seems they had issues with their electrical contractor who didn’t show up at another site without saying anything to Kumar.

Solar Panel - Jinko


Jink seem to be performing well

Solar Inverter - Goodwe


Goodwe online and phone app to monitor usage is really good.

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