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Who is Solar Choice?

Residential online quote comparison service
  • Served a comparison to over 350,000 qualified customers
  • Customers make their own choice of up to maximum of 3 installers from our comparison
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Tender manager for commercial projects
  • Independently consulted with over 10,000 businesses since 2008
  • Managed tenders for many of Australia’s largest solar rollouts with ASX200 companies
  • All projects installed by partners in Solar Choice’s network

Primo Hans 3.2 MW

Solar farm developer
  • 775.3MW built and operational
  • 8 completed Solar Farms across QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC
  • 20+ utility-scale projects in pipeline at different stages of development
  • Early stage developer of 2GW Bulli Creek solar farm in Toowoomba

Whitsunday 69MW Solar Farm

How we provide the best solar leads

1. Customers find us through our 10,000+ pages helpful and informative solar, battery, EV charging and heat pump hot water system content
  • Independent Product Reviews
  • Solar, battery, commercial calculators
  • Guides to system designs for complicated installs
2. They complete their information via the form on our website Solar Choice website customer form
3. They are immediately served with an anonymous comparison of up to 7 installers Solar Choice Quote Comparison screenshot
4. Customers select which 3 installers they would like to hear from Customers select based on:

  • Background information on each company (anonymous)
  • Preference of products or brands
  • An apples-for-apples comparison of value including possible extras
5. A Solar Choice representative screens the lead and calls the customer to confirm details if necessary
6. The 3 installers who are select are provided (via email, CSV, on our CRM or via an API to installer’s CRM) with detailed information on the customer including phone, email, energy bill and photo of switchboard Solar leads in Solar Choice's CRM

Solar leads for commercial projects

Unless you already have a proven and demonstratable reputation for Commercial Solar Projects, in most cases we will look for installers to prove themselves via our residential network. That means delivering at high quality and receive positive feedback on your installs (we ask every customer for feedback).

In commercial solar projects Solar Choice is typically engaged as an independent advisor early in the project. Our CEC-accredited engineers help businesses understand the potential of solar at their site and talk through their options and talk them through an online quote comparison of some of the suitable and experience commercial installers in our network. From there we may invite a shortlist of installers to perform a site inspection and provide a final offer, or for larger projects we may conduct a more formal tender process.

We already have a strong network, but are always look to add qualified, reputable and experienced solar installers that can offer great value to clients. Our team are happy to discuss the pathway to getting commercial solar leads from Solar Choice with you.

What we don’t do?

  • We don’t engage in misleading advertising as this develops fleeting interest in solar and wastes installers time
  • We don’t spruike government incentives or pretend STC programs have just been launched to trick customers into thinking they are getting an unique deal
  • We don’t sell customer information to more than 3 installers
  • We don’t lock installers into contract lengths or have any sign up fees

We suggest you do your research on Solar Choice, and any other lead generator before signing up! Don’t waste your time and money.

Efficient and automated tracking of Solar Choice jobs in your database

Every installer in our network receives a free portal where we record every customer opportunity. Installers can use this CRM to track the lead through the sales process with simple flags and notifications. If you have your own CRM then we can integrate directly into that with the Solar Choice API. Every lead comes with an email notification with a CSV file attached.

Ask our team for a tour of the Solar Choice CRM tool now.

We can help you get feedback from the market and customers

Our team holds a unique position in the market and can provide key feedback on preferred brands, pricing, customer preferences and sales tactics. We publish average pricing data via the Solar Choice Price Index which is regularly used by the Australian Government, Bloomberg NEF and Sun Wiz.

Interested in joining the Solar Choice network? Make an enquiry.

If you’d like to learn more about obtaining high-quality leads by joining our network, get in touch with us by filling out this form or via the details below.

Matt Lasauce Installer Network Manager matt@solarchoice.net.au 0410 124 850