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Overview of Redx– Company History

Redx Technologies Australia is an Australian-owned company founded in 2016 by Jonathan Chen. Redx focuses on inverters and battery storage solutions.

Their headquarters is located in Helensvale, QLD, Australia and their products are manufactured in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Redx has their own research and development laboratory located in Gold Coast, Australia, where their complete the engineering and design for their products.

Their Lithium Iron battery technologies are produced by Sunwoda who have an established track history of over 20 years.

Redx batteries are distributed by Tradezone, but have a limited market share in Australia. There are currently minimal public reviews written by customers of Redx batteries.

Redx Battery Models and Options

Redx has produced several battery options for Australian users, however at the time of writing this review only their RX2505 series is approved by the Clean Energy Council.

Redx RX2505 Series

Redx RX-2505PU Battery

Redx’s current main product line is the RX-2505 series, which includes several options: RX-2505AC (AC-coupled battery), RX-2505PU (Emergency Power System), and RX-2505PW (AC-Wind-PV Battery). The batteries have a nameplate capacity of 4.8kWh and a built in 2.5kW inverter. The batteries can link together to reach larger capacities.

For most residential users, the RX-2505AC or the RX-2505PU with back up power capability are the most common choices. The RX-2505 is an all-in-one battery meaning the solution includes a built in inverter. This enables the battery to retrofitted to any solar system regardless of which technology has already been installed.

The battery utilises Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry which is widely used as a stable and cost-effective battery technology. The battery has a depth of discharge of 90% meaning that 90% of the nameplate battery capacity can be used by the customer. The battery has a round-trip efficiency of 92%. These figures are typical of LFP batteries.

The built in Virtual Power Plant (VPP) hardware and software create some flexibility for battery owners to participate in VPP scheme to increase savings from the battery and support the grid.

One downside is the battery is only rated at IP32 meaning it should be installed indoors. Some of the other all-in-one solutions on the Australian market (like the Tesla Powerwall) are rated for an outdoor installation. Redx can sell an enclosure for an additional cost.

How Much Do Redx Batteries Cost?

Redx RX2505 series has a retail price of around $5,500 to $5,750. This excludes installation costs and any rebates you might be applicable for.

As the battery offers 4.32kWh usable capacity, this means the retail cost is around $1,300 per kWh making them one of the more expensive battery options on the market.

Australian Warranty Terms for Redx Batteries

Redx offers a 10 year warranty for their batteries which is split into 7 years ‘onsite warranty’ and 3 years ‘return to base warranty’. Although it is not defined in the warranty document, we assume that the under the return-to-base warranty from years 8 to 10, the customer would be responsible for the cost involved in having the battery inspected and if required shipped back to their Australian laboratory on the Gold Coast for assessment. As most leading battery suppliers provide a full 10 year warranty, this is a downside of the Redx offer.

Redx’s warranty is also limited to 4,000 cycles of the battery, which allows for customers to complete one cycle per day.

One upside of Redx’s warranty offer is they have strong local support with their Australian office and clearly set out online process for applying for a warranty. You can contact them at their Helensvale location on 07 5672 9983.

To read the full Redx warranty information, please click here.

Pros and Cons of Redx Battery


  • Australian owned company with local support office in Helensvale, QLD
  • In-House R&D: Redx has its own Research and Development center and holds patents used in their products, indicating a strong focus on innovation and product development.


  • Warranty offer and policy is below average for Australian market
  • No public customer reviews suggesting small market share
  • Cost of battery is above average

So, Should I Buy Redx Battery?

The Redx battery is a good option for Australian consumers who are looking to support an Australian-owned brand and battery solution. The technical specifications stack up as expected for the a Lithium Iron Phosphate solution.

The main limitations are the lack of customer reviews and the high cost of the Redx battery (especially if you are looking to install the battery outside).

Case Study Project of Redx

Project Name: Micro-Grid VPP Solution for Reflections Shaws Bay – Holiday Park

Device Model: RX2505AC

Battery Quantity: 16

Battery Capacity: 76.8kWh (4.8kWh*16)

Location: East Ballina, NSW 2478

Redx Battery Solution - Reflections Shaws Bay
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