The upfront approx 30-40% federal subsidy for solar power is under imminent threat. To protect your subsidy use your Solar Choice Quote Comparison to immediately generate an online contract with your preferred installer, any time of the day or night including weekends. Why?

On Thurs, 28 Aug 2014 the federal govt released long-awaited recommendations from the Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review that will either abolish the upfront federal subsidy for solar energy, or severely slash it, for systems up to 100kW.

An announcement from the Govt as to which option it will choose is imminent. Contracts entered into prior to any announcement will protect your subsidy.

How can I generate an online contract immediately to protect the subsidy?

1. Simply complete the green form on this page to obtain your impartial Quote Comparison of leading installers covering your area.

2. Select three installers that best suit your needs and budget to reveal their names and logos, then select your prefered installer by clicking "View and Accept Quote".

3. Follow instructions on deposit payment options, following which you will be emailed a PDF of your Accepted Quote (as will your selected installer who'll contact you, and Solar Choice).

Your subsidy will then very likely be protected under transitional provisions recommended by the RET Review.

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Solar Choice Solar Energy Brokers

Solar Choice solar power brokering: An overview of our personalised service.

by Justine ONeill on August 12, 2011

in Federal Government solar incentives

What kind of service can you expect after you fill out a request form for solar quotes from the installers in your area or place an inquiry with Solar Choice? First, you will be sent a solar quote comparison with a list of trusted solar installers who operate in your area. Soon afterwards, you will receive correspondence from one of Solar Choice’s solar energy brokers, who will go through your options and incentives. The following is a walk-through of how this is done.

  • Explain what we do: Your broker will explain that we provide impartial advice and have options to cover the full spectrum of different types of installers- we are here to sit alongside you and narrow down the list of installers to find one for them that best suits their needs; we are able to broker a better discount than the installer can publicly disclose; best of all- we are a 100% free service for you.
  • Find out how much research you have done so far: By doing so, your broker will gauge what questions to ask first and what to focus on in their conversation with you, making the wisest use of your time.
  • Look at roof measurement and discuss energy bills to determine what size system is best for your individual, location, home and energy usage situation.
  • Tell you about application deadlines for incentive schemes in your state on the federal level.
  • Discuss the future upward trajectory of energy prices Australia-wide in the near future, and how this is factored in when talking about pay-back or returns on investment.
  • Ask you if you are happy to have contact from our installers. (If the answer is no, your number and contact details will be removed from your file and you will initially only deal with Solar Choice directly.)
  • Send you your consolidated quote via email. You will then be able to see installers terms and conditions. Your broker will send you a consolidated quote once you have narrowed down the choices that are best for you.
  • If you are not ready to proceed with any installer at this point in time, we will look to set a future date to discuss the project.

Click for an example of the personalised service provided by Solar Choice brokers.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Written by Justine O’Neill

Residential Sales Manager, Solar Choice

© 2011 Solar Choice Pty Ltd

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rodney June 6, 2012 at 5:15 pm

am looking for comparison and best deal for 3kw system fitted to a new double storey house


admin July 26, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Hi Rodney,

Please fill out the solar quote comparison form to the right of this page to get a free and instant quote comparison detailing the offerings from the installers in our network who work in your area.


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