The upfront approx 30-40% federal subsidy for solar power systems up to 100kW has been under significant threat since the release of the federal review of the nation's Renewable Energy Target. To protect your subsidy you can use your Solar Choice Quote Comparison to immediately generate an online contract with your preferred installer, any time of the day or night including weekends. Why?

On Thurs, 28 Aug 2014 the federal govt released long-awaited recommendations from the Renewable Energy Target (RET) Review that could either abolish the upfront federal subsidy for solar energy, or severely slash it, for systems up to 100kW

An announcement from the Govt as to which option it will seek to legislate is overdue. Under the Review's recommendations, contracts entered into prior to any announcement will very likely protect your subsidy.

How can I generate an online contract immediately to protect the subsidy?

1. Simply complete the green form on this page to obtain your impartial Quote Comparison of leading installers covering your area.

2. ​Select three installers that best suit your needs and budget to reveal their names and logos, then select your prefered installer by clicking "View and Accept Quote".

3. ​Follow instructions on deposit payment options, following which you will be emailed a PDF of your Accepted Quote (as will your selected installer who'll contact you, and Solar Choice).

Your subsidy will then very likely be protected under transitional provisions recommended by the RET Review.

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Solar Choice

Commercial Solar Power at Solar Choice

Working with clients to find the best deal on commercial solar power systems

The Solar Choice Commercial Solar Power Team works with customers Australia wide helping to develop projects that will utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country.

Whether the focus of the project is offsetting current energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms, the Solar Choice Commercial Team works with clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget.

By examining a client’s energy profile, site & location variables, and then listening to their financial goals, Solar Choice is able to calculate the size of commercial solar power installation most appropriate for the client and map a time-line for realising untapped potential in our clients' energy consumption habits.

Solar Choice utilises our unique position within the hub of the Australian solar energy industry to broker the leading technology and value in solar procurement from a network of over 100 of Australia's most proficient, prominent and competitive solar power installations companies.

Why use Solar Choice for your Commercial Solar Power project?

- Solar Choice is impartial, and answer all client questions about commercial solar power objectively;

- Solar Choice comprises a team of highly experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds in renewable energy, engineering, environmental science, finance, law and architecture;

- We broker the best value offers on commercial solar energy systems;

- Our network of independent solar companies encompasses all of Australia’s most proficient, prominent and competitive solar companies with sufficient resources and experience to meet any large-scale commercial solar energy installation;

- As we are an impartial service we can prevent our clients being besieged by different sales pitches;

- Solar Choice clients benefit from a co-ordinated timetable with clear and specific stages to progress the decision making process, we've developed the Solar Choice Tender Management Platform to streamline the handling of Commercial tenders and allow a more interactive approach for clients;

- We facilitate “apples with apples” comparisons, so that our clients make an educated decision based on real choice rather than irrelevant variations and disparity;

- We remain on hand for our clients up to and even after installation, acting as their third party advocate and information provider, and to facilitate communications between them and the successful installer.

Examples of commercial solar projects developed by Solar Choice Commercial include:

Aesthetic 100kW solar power system for National Golf Club in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

National Golf Club 100kW

Read more about this project.

1.06MW solar array for Brisbane Markets in Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane Markets

Read more about this project.

150kW solar array for Mater Dei College in Camden, NSW

150kW for Mater Dei College

Read more about this project.

120kW thin-film amorphous silicon solar panel installation at regional airport in Newman, Western Australia

120kW commercial solar power installation at airport in Newman, WA

100kW crystalline solar panel installation uniquely engineered roof for government trust premises at North Ryde, Sydney

100kW commercial solar power installation, North Ryde Sydney NSW

Multi-megawatt Commercial Solar Energy installations for ING retirement villages: Nation-wide rollout

Nation-wide commercial solar power installation rollout with ING retirement villages

50kW solar array on Grafton Library, Grafton, NSW

100kW solar installation for Early Rise Baking Co in Dubbo, NSW

100kW Early Rise Baking Co Dubbo

90kW across multiple facilities for East Pilbara Shire Council, WA

12kW rooftop installation for McDonald's restaurant in Kilsyth, Victoria

12kW commercial solar energy installation: McDonald's Kilsyth Victoria

Read more about this project.

10-12.5kW solar arrays for 6 McDonald's restaurants in the ACT

McDonald's Charnwood

Read more about these projects.

Solar arrays across 195 residential and commercial buildings at BHP Nickel West Kalgoorlie mining facility in Leinster, WA

BHP Nickel West Kalroorlie, WA

Read more about this project.

100kW of capacity across three buildings at the Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo solar panels

Read more about this project.

79kW of solar capacity across five properties for Galvins Plumbing Supplies in and around Perth, WA

79kW solar for Galvins Plumbing Supply

Read more about this project.

30kW rooftop installation for the Post newspaper in Perth, WA

Read more about this project.

30kW ground-mounted solar system at Martindale Vineyard in Hunter Valley, NSW

Martindale Vineyard 30kW solar array

30kW rooftop solar installation for ISCAR headquarters in Sydney, NSW

ISCAR 30kW solar PV system, Sydney

Read more about this project.

30kW solar system for Slades Beverages in Melbourne

Slades Beverages 30kW

Read more about this project.

30kW solar array for OMNI Connect in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

30kW OMNI Connect

Read more about this project.

40kW + 30kW rooftop solar installations for early learning centres in Mildura, Victoria

70kW of solar panels for early learning centres in Mildura, Vic

Read more about this project.

100kW solar system for Mount St Benedict College in Sydney, NSW

100kW solar system Mount St Benedict College Sydney

Read more about this project.

100kW solar system for Wangi District Workers Club near Lake Macquarie, NSW

Wangi District Workers Club NSW

Read more about this project.

70kW solar array for Vector Aerospace in Brisbane, QLD

70kW Vector Aerospace Brisbane

Read more about this project.

70kW solar array for Downfields Engineering in Toowoomba, QLD

70kW solar system Downfields Engineering in Toowoomba

Read more about this project.

40kW rooftop installation for Complete Service Partners in Bathurst, NSW

100kW solar array for Natex Engineering in Melbourne, Vic

100kW solar array for Natex Engineering

Read more about this project.

100kW rooftop solar installation for Ainsworth Gaming Technologies in Newington, NSW

Ainsworth Gaming Technologies solar Installation

Read more about this project

100kW solar installation for Synnex Australia Pty Ltd

Synnex Australia Pty Ltd 100kW

Read more about this project.

20kW rooftop installation for Woolworths in Derby, Western Australia. The system is the first of its type to be installed by the supermarket.

The 20kW solar PV system installed on the roof of Woolworth in Derby, WA is the first such installation for the company.

80kW thin-film amorphous silicon commercial solar panel installation in Derby, Western Australia

80kW rooftop commercial solar energy installation Derby WA

Read more about this project.

150kW installation at Southern Cross Care at Broken Hill, NSW.

solar power system at Broken Hill

120kW of solar panels across the Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation, near Derby, WA

120kW commercial solar power installation across Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation, near Derby WA

Read more about this project.

50kW solar power installation as part of the Solar in Clubs scheme, Crescent Head, NSW

Read more about the NSW Solar in Clubs scheme.

94.75kW installation at Club Sapphire in Merimbula, NSW

Club Sapphire 94.75kW solar PV system

75.75kW solar system at the Rules Club Wagga in Wagga Wagga, NSW

Rules Club Wagga

99kW solar system at the Blacktown Workers Club in Blacktown, NSW

Blacktown Workers Club 99kW

99kW solar system at the Blacktown Sports Club in Blacktown, NSW

Blacktown Sports Club 99kW

100kW tubular solar power installation at the Blacktown RSL in Blacktown, NSW

100kW commercial solar energy installation on the roof of Blacktown RSL, NSW

100kW solar PV installation on the roof of the Euston Bowling Club in Euston, NSW

30kW commercial solar energy installation at Narromine Bowling Club, NSW

30kW commercial solar power installation on Narromine Bowline Club, NSW

Tender managed by Solar Choice Central West NSW office.

35kW solar system at the Macquarie Club, Dubbo NSW

Macquarie Club Dubbo 35kW

(Photo credit: Amy McIntyre)

Numerous large-scale solar energy installations for apartment blocks, strata title managers and body corporates across Australia, such as this 10kW tubular solar power installation on an apartment block in Manly, Sydney NSW

10kW tubular solar power installation Manly Sydney NSW

Numerous 10kW to 30kW ground-mounted solar farm installations throughout rural Australia, similar to the below 10kW system in Western NSW

10kW commercial-scale solar farm in western NSW

Read more about this project.

Solar Choice's projects in the UK

1.2MW solar system for Lebus Upholstery in North Lincolnshire, UK

Lebus Upholstery - 1.2MW rooftop solar arrayj

Read more about this project.

Multiple 50kW commercial solar energy installations on poultry farm units across the UK

50kW solar power installations on poultry farms across the UK

Read more about these installations (Solar Selections - UK site).


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Angus Gemmell
Managing Director
Ph: 0404 802 372


Rob Burnett
Commercial Project Developer
Ph: 0410 154 410

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