Australian Solar Energy Society (AUSES) changes name to Australian Solar Energy Council

The Australian Solar Energy Society (AUSES) has changed its name to the Australian Solar Energy Council (AUSEC) to reflect its changing role in Australia’s solar power industry as well as the the changing nature of the solar power industry itself.

AUSEC CEO John Grimes said that the name change was decided on in the context of the growing number of solar installations in Australia, and solar photovoltaic’s (PV) rapid transition from niche to an increasingly ‘mainstream’ technology. The name change coincides with the start of the 50th East Solar conference in Melbourne this week, which has hitherto been hosted when AUSEC was known as AUSES.

Mr Grimes said in a media release that one of the roles of AUSEC would be to make sure that policy-makers are well-informed about the benefits that solar PV affords not only the environment and society, but also the electricity grid itself. Rooftop solar PV has been partially credited with reducing peak demand, which in turn reduces the need for power from fossil fuel generators such as coal-fired power plants and the need to build more of such generators.

With prices decreasing steadily, and solar leasing deals now becoming available on the Australian market, solar PV also provides electricity for homes and businesses at rates lower than electricity purchased from the electricity grid.

This changing dynamic is highlighted by the fact that Yingli, one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world, recently announced that it would open up a regional Australian office, citing the expectation that Australia will become the world’s first ‘mass market’ for unsubsidised solar power. “Australia’s potential as a mass market for solar energy is also attracting some of the world’s biggest solar energy companies, including Yingli Solar of China which has recently announced it will set up a new regional headquarters in Sydney,” Mr Grimes said.

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  1. can you please send me some details about your forthcoming conference, eg who can i email who is organising it?

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I think you may have us confused with the Australian Solar Energy Council, we have an article about it as it was important solar industry news.

      Good luck getting the information.

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