Butler: If Australia doesn’t embrace EVs, it’ll end up like Cuba

The Driven

Labor climate spokesman Mark Butler says Australia has to embrace electric vehicles or risk becoming a living museum of outdated vehicles.

“If Barnaby Joyce had his way, we’d end up like Cuba,” Butler told RenewEconomy. We’d be stuck … because of his ideological opposition to electrification of transport, all tuning up 1970s Commodores.”

The fear campaign launched by the Coalition against Labor’s EV target of 50 per cent of all new cars by 2030 has been broad and ridiculous – or in the words of software billionaire Mike Cannon Brookes “batshit insane”

That campaign has ranged from the death of the weekend, to the death of the ute, the inability to travel long distances, and complete denial that fast charging exists, even though Australian companies lead the world in this technology.

But Butler says voters are struggling to understand why the government wants to “fight the future” on the issue.

“It is happening whether we like it or not, and there are a whole range of really good things that will flow from it. We should be embracing it, not fighting it,” he said.

Giles Parkinson


  1. If Australia does embrace EVs right now then we will end up like Venezuela with blackout from 6PM to 8AM the next day with the overload of battery chargers going on at the same time.
    We need to get load power right first as renewable will NOT do the job.
    A big country like Australia should better opt for Hydrogen instead with our vast distances.

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