e*star electricity load monitoring: Understand your electricity usage

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e*star is an electricity usage monitoring platform that allows users to understand their electricity usage in detail, giving its users actionable insights into their power consumption patterns. The company’s innovative software and hardware are for use in both residential and commercial applications – and is ideal for solar system owners who would like to maximise the financial benefits of their panels.

These days understanding electricity usage is essential for getting the most out of your solar PV system. Because solar feed-in tariff rates have been slashed across the country, it’s in the interest of all new solar system owners to self-consume as much of their solar electricity as possible as it is being produced (i.e. during daylight hours).

e*star screenshot 1

A screenshot of e*star‘s monitoring platform – users can see how PV contributes to meeting to their electricity load. (Click to enlarge.)

e*star screenshot 2

Keeping tabs on electricity consumption of individual devices and electricity flow with e*star‘s monitoring platform. (Click to enlarge.)

But without understanding just how much electricity is being used and at what time of day, it can be difficult to change behaviour to optimise usage. e*star‘s load monitoring platform sheds a light on the critical information necessary to do so. Once the system is installed, users can view their electricity consumption via smartphone, web, or tablet.

“Our customers know exactly where they spend their money and how much, hourly, daily , monthly. Our platform allows integration of data from the time monitoring commences,” says Ross Lentell, e*star‘s founder.

e*star hardware

e*star‘s control box allows users to monitor the electricity consumption of individual devices.

Used in conjunction with a solar energy system monitoring system, this knowledge can be used to respond and plan ahead, altering behaviour patterns to improve the overall energy efficiency of the home or business – and maximise self-consumption of solar power.

e*star contact details:

Ross Lentell

Phone: 1300 724 385

Email: sales@estar.net.au

Download the e*star app: Google Play Store (for Android devices) : iTunes Store (for iPhone and other Apple devices)