Find the best solar PV deals in Albany, WA

With electricity prices rising and solar system prices falling, Albany, Western Australia is a good place to install a solar PV system. Solar Choice is here to help our customers compare installers, prices, and components in order to choose the system that best suits their needs. Let us help you find the best deal on a solar system in Albany.

Albany, WA: Why invest in solar power?

Like much of Australia, Albany is blessed with a healthy amount of sunshine. The number of homes and businesses looking into going solar has been growing nationally, with the ‘1 million solar homes‘ milestone just behind us. Even with feed-in tariff subsidies being scaled back across the country, interest in solar remains high. This is mainly because of the rising cost of retail electricity–which solar panels can help to mitigate.

How much do solar PV systems cost in Albany?

Solar system prices depend on a number of factors, including the installer in question and the components that they use in their installations, not to mention broader global trends. Solar Choice does its best to provide transparency in the Australian solar market and make it simple for customers to compare prices, components and installers. To this end, we publish a monthly Solar PV Price Index that shows average prices for all major cities in Australia. Prices in Albany will generally be comparable to those on offer in Perth.

For a current snapshot of the solar PV system market in Albany, request a free Solar Quote Comparison by filling out the form to the right of this page. 

How much power will a solar system generate in Albany?

On average throughout the year, Albany receives an annual average of around 4 ‘peak sun hours’ per day–more in the summer, less in the winter. This translates into 6 kilowatt-hours (kWh) for a 1.5kW solar system, 12kWh for a 3kW system, and about 20kW for a 5kW system.

To give some context, a typical 3-person home will use about 20kWh of power per day.

Savings on electricity bills via solar PV systems in Albany

Solar systems have become a popular way to save money on power bills across the country. In order to take advantage of a solar system, it’s important to understand exactly how the technology will save you money.

At the moment, since no generous feed-in tariff is on offer to new applicants in WA, Albany residents who install a system will want to take advantage of the power their systems produce while the sun is shining and the system is producing power–this helps to reduce the need to purchase power from electricity utilities, and ultimately lower power bills. A solar system is therefore best suited for a home or business uses a good portion of its power during the day.

Not-for-profits, schools, and community organisations with systems up to 5kW in capacity may also be eligible for generous Solar Buyback rates from from Synergy: Read more.

Solar power in Albany: Find the best deals

For residential customers, Solar Choice provides free, impartial advice and Solar Quote Comparisons. Working with over 120 solar PV installers across Australia–including Albany, Perth, and Bunbury–we are uniquely positioned to help our customers find the system and price that best suits their needs and budget. Get in touch with us today by filling out the form to the right of this page, or call us on 1300 78 72 73.

For commercial clients, we manage tenders for medium to large-scale projects. To date in Western Australia, we have worked with such clients as East Pilbara Shire and Newman Airport. To commence a dialogue with us about your project, fill out the Solar Quote Comparison form to the right (click the ‘Commercial’ tab).

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