Fronius Inverter Promotion: 20-year Warranty Available for Half Price

Fronius, one of the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers, has announced a special promotion for the company’s 20th anniversary as an electronics manufacturer. Under the promotion, customers are eligible for a 50% discount on 20-year warranty extensions for all inverters installed between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2012. Warranties can be purchased through Fronius Installation Partners, a number of whom are in the Solar Choice Installer Network. Request a Solar Quote Comparison today.

Fronius: Extended Warranties for Extended Peace of Mind

Fronius maintains a close partnership with the solar installers who install its products, allowing a superior level of customer service, and an impressive dedication to the end customer.  The Fronius 20-year warranty offer is significant, as although an inverter is generally regarded as the ‘brain’ of a solar PV system, it is also the component with the shortest lifespan–more prone to malfunction than a system’s solar array itself. Most standard inverter warranties are ordinarily limited to 5 years (as opposed to a standard of 25 years for solar panels), and warranty extensions generally come at a premium. A discounted 20-year warranty therefore presents a disproportionately attractive investment in a system–protecting the system owner against unexpected, pricey inverter replacements in the future.

Certain Fronius inverter models are excluded from the promotion, including some IG (transformer) models, and RL models. For full details of the promotion, visit the Fronius website.

Download a flyer about the Fronius Discounted 20-year Inverter Warranty (pdf)

James Martin II