Important Changes to Vic Solar Homes Program

The Smart Energy Council met with the Vic Government this week to discuss changes to the current Solar Homes Program, currently not favourable (putting it politely!) by many Victorian based solar installers.

Pleasingly some major changes were agreed upon starting as early as next month (September). The key changes are laid out below:

  • A TRIPLING of the number of rebates for September (6,500 to be released on the 2nd September)
  • A DOUBLING of rebates till the end of 2019
  • An almost 50% increase to the number of available rebates in the first half of next year.

Further to this the Government will also make the approvals process much more streamlined and release the rebates on a fortnightly basis.

Whether this is enough to save many failing businesses remains to be seen however this is viewed as a positive step in the right direction.

John Grimes CEO of the Smart Energy Council has said “getting the industry back to work and preventing more company closures in the short-term was a key objective”.

Full details of the changes can be viewed at .

Jeff Sykes