Innovation: Use sunlight and air to create mineralised water

SOURCE is the worlds first and only Hydropanel, a technology that uses only sunlight and air to make pure mineralised drinking water for every person, every place.

With a large backing from, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a coalition chaired by Bill Gates and boarded by Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, SOURCE water is becoming the go-to drinking water solution for people and organisations in over 25 countries. 

How does it work?

Water vapour from the ambient air around us is drawn into SOURCE via fans and adsorbs onto a special material (that works a bit like how sugar does when exposed to the air). Pure water then desorbs into an air-tight system and is condensed inside SOURCE. Liquid water lows into the reservoir and is mineralized drinking water passes through flavour polishing cartridge before dispensing at the tap. SOURCE Hydropanels connect to a digital mesh network and are monitored for production and quality 

What are the target users and how do they benefit from it?

SAUCE water is for anyone, anywhere that wants to take ownership of there water security and quality.

What if you could drink perfect mineral water every day of your life without the cost, inconvenience and environmental impact of buying bottled water from the shops? What if we could source our own water without extracting water from aquifers or adding chemicals to it? 

What if the world’s purest water isn’t found on earth, it’s found in the atmosphere above it? What was once seen as drinking water of the future, SOURCE Hydropanel Technology is producing high-quality, renewable, off-grid drinking water for families, businesses, drought communities across Australia, all from the comfort of people’s homes and office spaces.


Future plans for hydropoint?

At HydroPoint, we are committed to advancing access to clean drinking water across Australia in a fast, affordable, equitable, and scalable model. For many projects or communities trying to improve or extend bulk infrastructure solutions to smaller water needs. Sometimes this is cost-prohibitive, meaning budget or location limitations eliminate any long-term supply options for rural, peri-urban, and remote communities or personal projects.

SOURCE is the first decentralized, infrastructure-free drinking water solution that can be scaled for demand.


Jeff Sykes