Innovative Clean Energy Solutions Are Being Utilised in the Trucking Sector

The emergence of high quality thin film solar is enabling new uses of solar beyond traditional rooftop solar and solar farms.


DHL Using Solar Power on their Trucks

In the UK, transport and logistics giant DHL have leveraged new technology around thin film solar mats. They are connected to the vehicle’s battery or an additional battery supply, enabling DHL to offset an estimated 5.2% of their fuel consumption by utlising the power for tail lifts and other on-board activities.

“Ultimately, we need fewer, cleaner and quieter vehicles on UK roads. This can be achieved while also helping customers reduce their transport costs. That’s why we’re committed to developing new sustainable transport solutions that can be rolled out across all supply chains for the benefit of the environment, the public and our customers.” Phil Roe, MD, Network Logistics and Transport, DHL Supply Chain UK and Ireland


Mesilla Valley Transportation uses eNow’s eCharge solar system for their Trucks

In the United States some trucking companies have been experimenting with solar for many years. The solution provided by eNow can be leveraged to power the in-cab HVAC and hotel loads as well as the tail lifts and refrigeration.

“The big savings for me is getting more hours on your APU,” Royal Jones, CEO says, as the solar panels provide four to six more hours of cooling time. “It’s hard to figure the ROI, because it’s not an exact science. But if you save two jump-starts a year, that’s $600. If your driver comfort is better, how do you put a price on that? And we used to replace all eight batteries every year, but the trucks with the solar panels have had them for four years.”

Jeff Sykes