Make the Right Solar Choice – article in the Green Times

The following article, by Michael Salvatico, appeared in the Green Times. It talks about the service offering of Solar Choice and that fact that we are a carbon negative operation, through our partnership and status as a Climakind gold member.

Make the Right Solar Choice

Written by Michael Salvatico

Of all the green energy solutions solar stands out as an ideal choice. Capturing the energy of the sunrays is an environmentalist’s utopia. For a limited time generous Local and Federal Governments assistance packages make the choice even more appealing and accessible to everyone.

But going solar can be an involved purchase process. There are many different options, and the decisions you make will be with you for the next 20 years. Fortunately, there are experts who can advise you on how to make the right solar choice.

Solar energy is captured in two main ways, through solar hot water heating systems and through solar power generation. Using solar for hot water can reduce energy bills significantly, as 37% of a household’s energy consumption can be for hot water. The second way, solar power, is also very attractive. Installing a couple of solar power panels on your roof provides you with an independent source of electricity. Both methods help reduce your electricity demand from the main grid and therefore your electricity bill.

The current government subsidies add to the incentive to install solar panels. The subsidies vary based on the solar system and the state in which you live. For instance a $1,600 federal government rebate exists for solar hot water, while the Solar Credit scheme assists in reducing the overall cost of installing solar power panels.

These government assistance schemes will be available only for a limited time, so there is some urgency in choosing your solar solution. This is where the assistance of a solar broker can help you sift through all the details to make the right solar choice. Solar Choice is a solar broker that has an in-depth understanding of the solar market. They have provided independent advice to over 4,200 residential and commercial customers in 2009, have a network of more than 65 solar installers across Australia and are aware of the different solar choices and government assistance packages that apply to you. Their solar expertise comes free to callers and leaves installers to do what they do best “ install solar solutions!

Solar Choice does more than provide low-carbon solutions; they are also committed to reducing carbon emissions. They operate a paperless office and minimise their transport by mostly walking to work. In addition, through Climakind, Solar Choice has cancelled more carbon credits than tonnes of carbon dioxide for which they are annually responsible; they’re better than carbon neutral “ they’re carbon negative! As a Climakind Gold Member they are demonstrating that they are serious about making a difference to help stop damaging climate change.

Go solar while the government assistance lasts! It is a great way to help reduce your controllable carbon emissions. And save yourself some hard work by getting some free advice. It will help you make the right solar choice “ then you can’t go wrong!


  1. Hi I am interested in connecting to the solar grid. I have a north facing house in South Gippsland Vic but I am totally ignorant on who or what to use and I see there is many different cost variations. I need a system which is cost effective and an installer who can be trusted. Can you help

    1. Hello Moira,
      We are more than happy to help out. You can fill out a quote comparison request on out homepage (click here) or give us a call on 1300 78 72 73.

  2. we are interested in installing solar panels & connecting to the feed back scheme but find such a variation in costs etc and how do we know who is reputable and using the right quality panels and components

  3. I’m interested in setting up solar generation on my farm in central western NSW. I have an available north facing roof area of ~ 80-100 sq.m. (a rural shed that is connected to the local power supply).

    1. Hi Colin … Solar Choice has a strong network of installers across rural Australia, in particular in central west NSW. if you sign up on our homepage for a Quote Comparison one or our knowledgeable solar energy brokers will provide you with our free and impartial service, setting out a range of 7 options/installers and helping you arrive at an informed decision.

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