Maximise the Solar PV potential of your roof

If you have crowded roof space or your building is tall and narrow, you may be facing a common challenge that you cannot fit enough solar panels to optimise your return on investment.

Here are two strategies to improve your outcome:

  1. Use higher watt panels

Using solar panels with higher power output per square metre will improve the total PV output for the space you have available. For example the LG 400/405W panel offers about 30% more output than typical panels and at 2024mm long by 1024mm wide it is only slight larger or the same physical size. Beware that many installers have their preferred products and suppliers and may attempt to talk you into a more traditional solar panel – it always pays to do your own research!
  1. Consider a carport solution

Creating a new carport structure to house solar panels is a commonplace solution in the industry, especially in larger commercial projects. The lightweight structure offers a cost-effective way to elevate solar panels beyond any shading and provide ‘additional roof space’. The carport can be angled optimally for local sunlight patterns removing the need (and cost) of solar panel tilt frames.
Jeff Sykes


  1. Hello there,
    I was just wondering why there seems to be no comment on Micro-Inverters? While I have 12 standard panels on my roof and as such do not contemplate replacing these with higher output ones I thought that adding Micro Inverters to each would maximise power output. Obviously cost is an issue as is the fact or possibility that my premium Feed-in tariff may be negatively affected.
    Any comments or suggestions?
    Thanks and kind regards,

    1. Hi Ralphe,
      Microinverters or optimisers in most cases assist solar designs impacted by shading. This would significantly increase the kWh output of your system if you experience shade through-out the day. Otherwise a well-designed system would deliver a similar output.

      Solar Choice Team

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