SA govt to install rooftop solar at 40 different schools

South Australia will install rooftop solar systems at 40 schools across the state, as part of a $15 million scheme to help the education sector cut power costs and further reduce the state’s carbon emissions.

As well as funding the solar installations, the scheme will give another 200 schools grants of $250,000 to switch to energy efficient lighting.

“This is the kind of investment which pays for itself in the long run,” said state education minister Susan Close.

“This means schools can focus on support and programs for students rather than electricity bills.”

Close said the program was expected to deliver more than $2 million in savings each year, which will be shared among all of SA’s public schools.

The move has been praised by solar and climate advocacy groups as another example of the state’s leadership on renewable power, at a time when this same leadership is being criticised by the federal government.

“While the federal government continues to play politics with energy it’s states like South Australia who are picking up the slack and driving Australia’s transition to clean power,” said Solar Citizens campaigner, Dan Spencer.

“Schools are hubs for local communities and installing solar arrays on 40 schools will not only reduce pollution, school power bills and create jobs it will give students and local communities a taste of a future powered by clean energy.

The rollout also is expected to create 38 full time equivalent jobs.

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