Solar for Schools

Solar Choice is experienced in School Projects

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” Albert Einstein

Schools possess Australia’s next generation of bright minds and thought leadership. This explains why many high schools and universities have led the way into the renewable energy revolution. A solar project in a school offers students fantastic early exposure to Australia’s energy ‘trilemma’ while helping the school materially reduce energy costs.


Designing Solar for Schools

There are a number of factors that should be considered when designing solar for a school:

  • Often schools have a multiple high rise roof spaces spread across multiple energy meters meaning many separate Solar PV arrays are required
  • A structural assessment is crucial for school projects which often have aged roof material and infrastructure
  • Schools often have difficult site access, meaning it is important to understand how solar equipment would be delivered and roof access would be made available.
  • If desired, students can participate in the feasibility and design of the system
  • Display monitors and access portals are a great way of keeping students engaged with clean energy production

Funding Options for Schools

Australian schools also have a number of options to fund solar out of the energy savings the system creates. This means Schools can achieve a cash flow position solution with solar from day 1 with no impact to annual budgets. Often schools have preferred a Solar Power Purchase Agreement which delivers a solar solution without any of the financial or operational risks of owning a system.


Solar Choice Can Help Schools with Solar Projects

As an independent expert, our goal is to help schools make an informed decision. Our in-house engineering team can provide an business case verifying the potential of solar at each school including accurate estimated market pricing for your project. Solar Choice’s tender management platform gives access to an instantaneous quote comparison from a selected number of CEC-Accredited solar contractors with the required expertise and it can be utilised to run a solar tender for the project requirements.


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School Solar Projects recently developed by Solar Choice


  1. Charles Sturt University 2.3MW
  2. Amaroo School (ACT) 600kW
  3. Geelong High School 100kW
  4. Carlingford Public School
  5. Blakehurst High School
  6. Denistone East Public School
  7. Jamison High School
  8. York Public School
  9. Boort District School
  10. Bunyip Pre School