Australian Solar Council introduces independent quality seal for solar panels

The Australian Solar Council has introduced its own seal of approval for solar modules. The voluntary “Positive Quality” program will go above and beyond the basic Clean Energy Council accreditation required for solar panels to be sold in Australia. Modules bearing the Positive Quality seal will be subject to rigorous testing and ongoing quality assurance checks.

The Solar Council notes that the development of the Positive Quality program comes on the back of the organisation’s 50 years of experience with solar PV.  The seal will address a need in Australia’s solar market by allowing installers, project developers and residential solar customers alike to rest assured that the panels they are getting (or selling) can be relied on to perform as promised.

The Solar Council says participant solar panel manufacturers around the world will be required to undergo quarterly audits and inspections, which will include a 60-point factory check, verification that the modules “comply with standards, certifications and best practice” and assurance that products are being advertised truthfully.

“The Positive Quality™ program is a voluntary scheme that will allow quality manufacturers to receive independent, third-party validation of their manufacturing process and standards compliance,” said Solar Council head John Grimes. “When you see the Positive Quality™ label, you know those solar panels have been subjected to ongoing auditing and testing, and that they meet Australian certification standards.”

Applications for the Positive Quality program will open in the coming months, at which time the Solar Council will provide more details about the application process.

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