Commercial Solar PV Price Index: October 2016

Average commercial solar system prices for all sizes that we track (10kW, 30kW, 50kW and 100kW) held stable at the $1.28/W low seen in September, according to data from Solar Choice’s installer network.

Commercial solar system prices (10kW-100kW)

All prices in the tables below include incentives available through the federal Renewable Energy Target as well as GST, but do not incorporate meter installation fees or additional costs, such as ground-mounting, grid protection or grid connection studies.

Table 1: Commercial solar PV system prices for October 2016 (average)


Table 2: $/W commercial solar PV system prices for October 2016 (average)


Historic pricing for popular commercial solar system sizes

10kw-commercial-solar-system-prices-oct-2016-updated 30kw-commercial-solar-system-prices-oct-2016-updated 50kw-commercial-solar-system-prices-oct-2016-updated 100kw-commercial-solar-system-prices-oct-2016-updated

Commercial system prices – All system sizes

average-commercial-system-prices-oct-2016-updatedA note about the ‘Solar Choice discount’

From May 2014 until October 2015, calculations for our monthly Commercial Solar Price Index articles excluded the discount available through Solar Choice network installers exclusively to Solar Choice customers. From November 2015, however, we have excluded this figure, which works out to approximately 14c/W in most instances. The chart below retroactively applies this amount to every month since the Commercial Price Index’s inception to give a rough idea of how prices have fluctuated historically, but should be seen as an approximation as opposed to a completely accurate representation. (We’ll look into properly applying the actual, listed discounts to the dataset at some point in the near future.)


About this data

Tables and charts included in this article were compiled using data from Solar Choice’s installer network database, which contains regularly-updated pricing and product details from over 100 solar installation companies across Australia. Although all pricing calculations do account for federal incentives and GST, they do not incorporate meter installation fees or additional costs, such as ground-mounting or grid connection studies. ‘Premium’ installer offerings are not included in the calculations.

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