Federal budget provides an inspiring boost for solar

The Federal Government announced in it’s 12 May 09 budget a new $1.5 billion investment in renewable energy, including a new $1.35 billion Solar Flagships program to construct up to four large scale solar power stations.

At a time of global economic turmoil, it’s encouraging that the Federal Govt views the solar energy and renewables industry as being able to create jobs and wealth, rather than jeopardise them.

Instead of shying away from the challenges of confronting and reducing climate change, the construction in Australia of some of the largest solar power plants in the world is an inspiring boost for the solar industry here. With our abundance of sun soaked land, a number of huge solar energy stations will no doubt capture the public’s imagination, and the allocation of substantial funds at a time of economic uncertainty demonstrates a firm commitment to a greener future.

Solar Choice, along with numerous Australia wide customers and installers, had a measure of concern that the Government might pull down the guillotine on the $8,000 solar energy rebate with immediate effect, leaving the industry in turmoil. Memories of the $100k means test being introduced with overnight effect in last year’s budget were still fresh. Thankfully that didn’t occur, and the solar rebate has been allowed to run its course until the end of June 09.

The relevant date for eligibility therefore remains: so long as the postage stamp on the envelope bearing the customer’s rebate application is dated 30 June 09 or earlier, then the customer has their foot in the door for the $8k rebate.

The Solar Credits scheme which is due to take over from the rebates program after 1 July 09, is yet to be fully legislated, and the detail of how still to be released. Hopefully this will occur soon. We’ll keep you posted!

Angus Gemmell
Solar Choice Pty Ltd

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