Final installation in Alice Springs Solar City project



The final solar PV installation in the Alice Springs Solar City project is approaching completion, bringing the installation phase of the project closer to a conclusion. With the completion of the 162kW rooftop solar installation, 3% of the city’s electricity needs will be met by solar power–one of the highest levels in Australia.

The system, which will cover all the suitable roof space of Alice Springs’ Araluen Arts Centre, will produce enough electricity annually to power 36 homes. The Centre will see significant electricity bill savings by consuming the power produced by the solar system during the daytime, and only purchasing power from the grid after the sun goes down.

“This is a very exciting part of the Alice Solar City legacy, and we congratulate the Northern Territory Government and the team at Araluen on maintaining their commitment to Araluen becoming an energy efficient and solar powered centre for the Arts in Alice Springs,” said Alice Solar City General Manager Sam Latz in a media statement.

Following those at Crowne Plaza, Alice Springs Airport, Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre, and the Uterne Solar Power station, the Araluen Arts Centre system will be the 5th and final iconic system installed in Alice Springs through the Federal Government’s Solar Cities program. The aim of the program is to trial new sustainable models for electricity supply and use in 7 ‘flagships’ jurisdictions, in particular demonstrating how solar power could be deployed to improve community energy efficiency.

The other Solar City pilot projects are located in Adelaide SA, Blacktown NSW, Central Victoria, Moreland Victoria, Perth WA, and Townsville Queensland.

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