National Rally for Renewables delivers strong message to MPs across Australia

Renewable Energy Target supporters are turning out for events across Australia today as part of the National Rally for Renewables, a campaign coordinated by pro-renewables groups, peak bodies and industry players from around the country, including the Clean Energy Council, Solar Citizens, and the Australian Solar Council. The purpose of the campaign is to drive home the message to MPs across the country–especially those in seats held only marginally by Coalition MPs–that the RET should not be dismantled or weakened.

The rally has been timed to take place before an official government response to the Warburton RET Review report with the aim of influencing the outcome. The review panel, led by businessman Dick Warburton, recommended the abolition or reduction of Australia’s 20% renewables target. The review has been seen as heavily biased against the RET in its current form and has been dismissed as a farce by many in the renewable energy industry. Any changes to the RET are expected to have a major impact on the industry and those employed in it, with tens of thousands of jobs on the line.

In recent weeks political support for the RET has coalesced in parliament, with Labor, the Greens and the Palmer United Party coming together as a united front against any legislative changes to the scheme. Today’s renewables rally will attempt to sway the opinions of Liberal MPs to oppose changes to the RET as well.

Events around the country will be blogged live from the Rally for Renewables website. Those interested in following the day’s happenings can keep up to date by using the hashtag #rallyforrenewables. A list of rally locations is available here.

Solar Choice staff will be attending the rally outside of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office in Manly, NSW.

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