Residential Solar PV Price Index – March 2015

Average residential solar PV system prices for Australia’s capital cities fell slightly between February and March. Systems were dearest in Canberra, while Perth was home to the lowest prices.

March 2015 average solar PV system prices

All prices in the table below include the federal STC incentive which installers ordinarily include in final system prices. GST is also included.

Solar PV system prices March 2015

Solar system prices for March: Dollar-per-watt averages, highs & lows

Solar PV system prices high low average March 2015

About STCs

STCs accounted for a price reduction of approximately 70c/W for Zone 3 cities (Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane), and around 65c/W for Melbourne & Tasmania.

Components used

The table below contains the brands of inverters and solar modules used in installations as listed by installers. ‘Premium’ product offerings are not included.

City Panel brands used Inverter brands used
Adelaide, SA ReneSola, Simax, Jinko, Solar Juice, Yingli, Lightway, Trina, BenQ Fronius, Samil Power, Power-One Aurora, Growatt, SMA, Zever, Delta, Solarmax
Brisbane, QLD ReneSola, Luxen, Canadian Solar, Jinko, Solar Juice, LG, REC, Suntech, Trina Fronius, JFY, Eltek, Samil Power, Growatt, Zever, SMA, Xantrex-Schneider, Power-One Aurora
Canberra, ACT Jinko, Solar Juice, Q-Cells, Trina, Yingli JFY, Ronius, Samil Power, Power-One Aurora, ABB, Delta, SMA
Melbourne, VIC SolarWorld, ReneSola, Jinko, Solar Juice, Yingli, TDG, Canadian Solar, Trina SMA, Fronius, Samil Power, Power-One Aurora, Zever, Delta
Tasmania Hanwha, Yingli Samil, Aurora Power-One, Fronius
Sydney, NSW ReneSola, Jinko, Solar Jice, Trina, Canadian Solar, Hanwha, Yingli, Top Solar, Suntech Fronius, Samil Power, Growatt, SMA, Growatt, Eversolar, UNO, Zever, ABB, Power-One Aurora, Sungrow
Perth, WA Jinko, Solar Juice, ET Solar, TN Solar, Trina Fronius, Samil Power, Goodwe, Aurora Power-One, JFY, Delta, Aurora, SMA

Historic solar PV system prices (since August 2012)

Indexed $/W solar system prices (Historic)

1.5kW solar pv system prices March 2015 2kW solar pv system prices March 2015 3kW solar pv system prices March 2015 4kW solar pv system prices March 2015 5kW solar pv system prices March 2015 10kW solar pv system prices March 2015

The chart below provides an at-a-glance look at solar PV system pricing trends since September 2012. Data points are the average of average $/W for each system size (1.5kW-5kW until Nov 2013, then also including 10kW from Dec 2013).

Solar PV system prices indexed to March 2015

About this data

Tables and charts included in this article were compiled using data from Solar Choice’s installer network database, which contains regularly-updated pricing and product details from over 125 solar installation companies across Australia. Prices do not ordinarily incorporate meter installation fees or additional costs for difficult installations. The discount available to Solar Choice customers is also excluded from calculations, as are prices for ‘premium’ installer offerings. Except in the final chart, average pricing figures for all of Australia are not weighted.

About Solar Choice

Solar Choice provides an impartial solar energy Quote Comparison service for Australian consumers by delivering market transparency from a network of over 100 leading installers nation-wide. Since 2008, we’ve delivered our free Solar Quote Comparisons to over 90,000 Australian households. Solar Choice’s commercial wing, Solar Choice Commercial, compares the market for systems from 30kW to 100kW, and manages tenders for projects up to 2MW. Solar Choice also develops its own very large-scale solar farm projects.

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  1. Please forward me an email address as contact to price a 60 MW grid tie system for Rarotonga, cook islands. provided you do sell to offshore buyers, your message system doesnt allow me access. Thanks, Don

    1. Hi Don,

      At this point in time, our services are available only in Australia. I will email you separately with recommendations about who you may want to get in touch with.

    2. Hi Don,

      At this point in time, our services are available only in Australia, but I have forwarded your contact details to a company who does operate throughout the Pacific.

  2. I noticed the heading above the graphs is “March 2014 average solar PV system prices”. I think this must be a typo since the graphs indicate they are from March 2015.

    1. Hi Alan. That was indeed only a typo – thanks for pointing it out. We’ve corrected it now.

  3. This is No true . I paid in NSW $ 5350 for 5.5 kW (22 panels) –june 2014 , now cost $ 4850

    1. Hi Henryk

      Please note that the data included in our PV price index is based on the prices of installers in our network, who we vet for quality. Our figures are therefore useful in capturing overall trends in the market (they are based on a sample), but do not necessarily incorporate every installation company or price in the country. The system you are talking about would have a $/W price of about 97¢ – highly unusual, even with the falling price trends.

      Industry analyst Nigel Morris of Solar Business Services has published an excellent article on the topic of $1/W solar installations – well worth having a read.

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