Smart Energy Council secures international partner for green hydrogen certification scheme

The establishment of a certification scheme to guide the production of renewable hydrogen, ammonia and other green fuels and materials derived from green hydrogen has made important progress, with the German Energy Agency signing up to partner with Australia’s Smart Energy Council on the project.

The SEC said the German agency, which is known as dena, had agreed to cooperate on the development and certification of the production of renewable hydrogen in each of the countries, including the creation of a ‘guarantee of origin’ scheme, allowing the production of green hydrogen to be tracked and differentiated from hydrogen produced from fossil fuels.The two peak bodies would also work together on initiatives that supported new green hydrogen developments, as well as driving trade between Australia and Germany across the full hydrogen supply chain.

“These fuels are critical to building a prosperous, zero carbon economy,” said SEC chief John Grimes. “The Smart Energy Council is delighted to be partnering with the German Energy Agency on the development and certification of renewable hydrogen, renewable ammonia and carbon neutral power fuels.”

The creation of a certification scheme for hydrogen to govern the nascent Australian industry has been welcomed by industry and environmental groups, concerned that hydrogen produced from fossil fuels, or using fossil-fuelled supplies of electricity, might be passed off as “green.”

A certification of origin scheme could allow supplies of hydrogen to be tagged with their country of origin, details about the methods used to produce the hydrogen and whether the inputs into the production process had been sourced from fossil fuels or renewable energy projects.