Solar Choice site stats for 2016: Looking back on a stellar year

Rooftop solar is the energy of the people in Australia. In less than half a decade, solar panels have gone from being pricey ‘green bling’ to something that any home or business with some unshaded roof space would contemplate as a practical way to save money & bolster energy independence. More than one in ten viable Australian rooftops already has solar panels installed, there there are more solar panels than there are people.

Solar Choice is proud to have played a key role in this rapid evolution by helping Australians to educate themselves about their solar (and battery storage) options. Since 2008, we have helped millions of Australians to make an informed decision about going solar, with hundreds of informative articles and a suite of free-to-use calculator resources – not to mention the free, impartial and instant Solar Quote Comparisons which have been a staple for Australian solar shoppers for years. To date, over 105,000 Australian homes & businesses have made use of our services.

Our reach continues to grow. Traffic to the Solar Choice website in 2016 has risen about 10% compared to 2015, with over 1.3 million visits from just over 1 million unique users. Our reputation as a reliable source of unbiased information is further bolstered by our search engine dominance – particularly with Google. In 2016, about 85% of all visitors to our site found us by entering a solar or battery-related keyword term into a search engine. Solar Choice is often the first site that Australians come to when seeking answers to questions about solar power.

One of the most noteworthy trends in 2016 was the increase in the number of visitors to our site seeking battery-related information. This is not particularly surprising, given the way the rising demand for and growing affordability of home battery solutions. Last year saw an 80+% increase in battery-related traffic to the Solar Choice website, now comprising a larger percentage of overall site traffic than every before, at about 20%.

We look forward to an even more successful 2017, and aim to remain at the forefront of the solar & battery storage markets into the new year and years to come.

Oh – and keep an eye out for a Battery Storage Price Index as an analogue to our Solar PV Price Index in the coming months.

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Jeff Sykes