Solar power in Busselton, WA: Compare prices & installers

Should you consider solar power for your home or business in Busselton, WA? The popularity of solar panels has soared across Australia in recent years, and Busselton has seen its share of rooftop solar growth. This article is an overview of the benefits of going solar in Busselton, as well as some of the things a home or business owner will need to consider before making the decision to have a solar PV system installed–including solar installation pricing and how to get the most out of your solar system.

Why consider installing solar panels in Busselton?

One of Australia’s biggest (but as-of-yet largely untapped) energy resources is its ample sunshine. Like most of the rest of the country, Busselton is blessed with with lots of clear and sunny weather throughout the most of year, making it a great place for solar panels. Even without access to the state’s solar feed-in tariff (which is now closed to new applicants in WA), solar power is still worth the investment thanks to the high cost of grid electricity and the falling cost installing a solar system.

Solar PV system prices in Busselton

The costs associated with installing a solar system depend on a number of factors, including global manufacturing trends, the components used, the installation company who undertakes the installation, and the circumstances of the home or business in question.

Since 2008, Solar Choice’s mission has been to bring transparency to the residential and commercial solar power markets in Australia, making it easy for those shopping around for a solar system to compare installer offerings. Our Solar PV Price Index articles, published monthly, use data from our installer database to show pricing trends in all of Australia’s capital cities (except Darwin). Although the index does not specifically include Busselton, generally speaking, the prices on offer there will be comparable to those on offer in Perth.

Solar Choice also provides up-to-date, regionally specific pricing from a range of installers as a free service to all of our customers. For a current snapshot of the solar PV system market in Busselton, request a free Solar Quote Comparison by filling out the form to the right of this page. 

Solar system output in Busselton: How much power can you expect to produce?

Averaged throughout the year, Busselton roofs receive around 4 hours of ‘peak sun’ per day. (In the summer this number is closer to 5, while in winter it is closer to 3). 4 peak sun hours shining on solar panels work out to about 6 usable kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar electricity if the home/business has a 1.5kW solar system, 12kWh if it’s a 3kW system, and about 20kW if the system capacity is 5kW.

As a rule of thumb, the typical 3-person home will use about 20kWh of power per day.

How solar PV systems save homes and businesses money

Solar PV systems are now one of the most popular ways for Australian homes and businesses to save money on their power bills. The price of retail electricity has increased dramatically in recent years in WA (following a national trend), making home-generated solar power much cheaper by comparison.

Solar PV systems save their owners money by reducing the need to purchase electricity from the retailers. Owning a solar system is like owning a personal, rooftop power plant that produces power whenever the sun is shining. Busselton residents who go solar should aim to use their solar energy during daylight hours. This means that systems are best suited to homes and businesses that consume a good portion of their electricity during the daytime.

Not-for-profits, schools, and community organisations in Busselton with systems up to 5kW in capacity may also be eligible for generous Solar Buyback rates from from Synergy: Read more.

Compare solar panel deals in Busselton

Solar Choice’s job is to help its customers find the best deals on solar PV systems–wherever they are in the country.

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