Solar PV system prices in Darwin, NT

According to the APVI‘s solar map, only about 6% of homes in Darwin have solar panels – despite the fact that the city is home to some of the highest solar irradiation rates (and therefore some of the highest federal incentives) in all of Australia. Darwin is also home to one of the highest solar feed-in tariff incentives remaining in Australia – a 1-for-1 buyback from PowerWater.

The number of homes with solar is rising steadily, mainly thanks to the fact that solar energy system prices have come down in recent years. How much does a solar power system cost in Darwin?

A quick look at solar system prices in Darwin (June 2015)

The table below contains indicative solar PV system prices for Darwin. All of the prices include GST as well as the up-front subsidy available through the federal government’s Renewable Energy Target. These prices should be taken as a reference only – actual system prices will vary.

(Note that 4.5kW systems are included instead of 5kW because of grid connection guidelines under the local utility – systems over 4.5kW are subject to mandatory inspection, while systems under this threshold are not.)

Pricing snapshot: Average residential solar system prices for Darwin (June 2015)
2kW 3kW 4.5kW 10kW
Out-of-pocket $7,700 $9,800 $12,600 $23,100
$/W $3.87 $3.28 $2.52 $2.31

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Where does this data come from?

Solar Choice works with a network of solar installation companies from all around the country – including a number in the Northern Territory. The prices in the table above were calculated using figures from Solar Choice’s installer network database. While not definitive, they do provide a good indication of what someone might pay for a system in Darwin.

How much can you save with a solar system in Darwin?

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