SolarSafe: Warranty protection and safety audits for existing solar PV systems

SolarSafe is a Queensland-based company founded with the goal of rectifying some of the downsides of the cracking growth of residential solar systems in Australia. The company fills an important niche by offering solar system warranty protection, safety inspections, repairs, inverter replacements and upgrades for solar homeowners with nowhere else to turn.

The downsides of the Australian solar boom

Australia is home to one of the most successful residential solar industries in the world, with over 10% of all households now equipped with rooftop solar panels – one of the highest penetrations of solar in the world. But to get to this point, Australia’s solar industry has been through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs due in large part to unstable government incentive policies. This ‘solarcoaster’ (as it’s sometimes called), has resulted in the bankruptcy of a number of national, big-name installation companies – not to mention countless smaller ones.

Meanwhile, the global solar boom has been through similar peaks and troughs in recent years, with a number of the world’s largest manufacturers collapsing or facing financial difficulties. Combined, these two trends have left some solar homeowners with systems whose warranties are no longer serviceable.

Additionally, while more in more recent years codes and regulations have been updated in such a way as to ensure a higher level of safety and quality for new solar energy systems, the rushes to install created by short incentive deadlines means that there are many older systems out there whose safety may be compromised.

“Solar is the first step in taking charge of your own energy costs,” says SolarSafe executive director Lucas Sadler. “We think that many customers will find it comforting to know industry is aware of the past quality issues and is seeking to proactively help customers to repair, replace or upgrade to high quality safe solar systems of the future.”

SolarSafe: Services for existing solar installations across Australia

There are a range of potential issues that solar system owners may have run into since having their system installed, and SolarSafe provides solutions for all of them through its . The list includes:

  • The National Solar Safety Check: SolarSafe is supported by Master Electricians Australia in implementing the National Solar Safety Check initiative, which sends out certified master electricians to check that a solar installation complies with all of the relevant Australian standards for safety and quality. This program offers additional peace of mind for anyone who wishes to know with the utmost certainty that their solar energy system is safe and performing optimally.
  • Aftermarket solar PV system warranty protection: SolarSafe offers a membership-based warranty program which helps its members cover the costs associated with solar system repairs & component replacements.
  • Replacement and repair of faulty components, including inverters: SolarSafe is one of the only companies in Australia specialising in replacing and repairing faulty solar system parts which are no longer covered by warranties.
  • Solar PV system upgrades & optimisation: Many solar homeowners have systems whose inverters were advertised as ‘oversized for future expansion’; SolarSafe is one of the few companies that will undertake the task of retroactively adding the additional panels. SolarSafe also offers system a ‘tune up’ service to ensure that your system is operating optimally.
  • Replacement of recalled DC isolators: There are four brands of DC isolators that have been recalled in recent years because of issues with their safety. SolarSafe replaces these as a service to its members.

SolarSafe contact details:

Lucas Sadler, Executive Director

Phone: 1300 790 790