Victoria 60c Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff closed. New transitional rate: 25c

The Victoria State government’s Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff (PFIT) program closed on 30 September 2011. A rate of 25c for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity is still available for those who install solar systems after this date. Read about the new scheme: Victoria’s Transitional Solar Feed-in Tariff (TFIT). Read more articles about the Victoria Solar Feed-in Tariff.

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Eligibility Requirements for the Victoria 60c/kWh Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff (from the Victoria DPI Feed-in Tariffs page):

If you have already paid a deposit for solar panels and would like to be considered for the premium rate, by 30 September you must:

Solar customers who sign up now are not guaranteed the Premium Feed-in Tariff, but there is still a chance to get in. Solar Choice has a number of installers who have lead-times short enough to potentially meet the 30 September deadline. The remaining hurdle would therefore be how long paperwork processing through electricity retailers will take. Victoria electricity retailers, in phone calls with Solar Choice, stated that paperwork could take up to 3 weeks to process.

Eligible customers who do not meet the deadline for the Premium Feed-in Tariff deadlines will be able to apply for the transitional offer of 25c per kWh, effective from 1 July 2012. This offer is generous when compared to what is on offer after the conclusion of the NSW Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme. The Transitional scheme cap will be 70 megawatts.

Those who are already receiving the 60c Premium Feed-in Tariff and receiving credits will continue to receive this rate until 2024.

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Written by James Martin

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